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Will the online payment service of Switch constitute a barrier between Nintendo fans?

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As we learned during the presentation event in Tokyo, Nintendo has decided, like Sony and Microsoft, to introduce a payment method to take advantage of the online services and infrastructure of Nintendo Switch; although the feature will be temporarily offered free to all players at the launch of the console.

According to Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at IHS (Information Handling Services) Markit, this decision, how much sensible and keeping up with rival companies, could represent a serious barrier between Nintendo and its fans, always accustomed to a different treatment in this direction.

“Nintendo’s paid online service makes complete sense. Microsoft and Sony sold $2.7 billion in subscriptions last year a lot of which is reinvested! Even so going paid may be a hard transition for the average Nintendo gamer,” are the words of Piers Harding-Rolls.

Recall that the Nintendo Switch Online Service will provide to players, in case of a subscription, access to the online lobby, voice chat, to download a NES or SNES game per month, and also discounts. However, over the past few hours, it has been identified that the game offered by Nintendo will be accessible free of charge only in the month in which it is distributed, making it mandatory purchase for anyone who wants to keep playing the product even after thereafter subsequently.