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Wild Guns Reloaded E3 2016 Trailer Released by Natsume

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Natsume presents the first video and illustrations of Wild Guns Reloaded for PlayStation 4. This is a remake of the classic 1994 game for Super Nintendo.

Wild Guns Reloaded Screenshot

As expected, Natsume took the E3 2016 event to unveil the first trailer of its Wild Guns Reloaded retro game. Intended only on PlayStation 4 for this fall, the hit remake of the Super Nintendo will offer eight courses, each comprising three areas of confrontation to travel alone or in cooperation to four.

The game will be launched in the autumn and will focus on keeping pace intense action combining aesthetics of Wild West and Steampunk.

Users can choose between the classic characters, Clint and Annie, two new characters and more. They can also play solo or multiplayer modes.

Each character has its own weapons and tactics, so the experience is different for each of them.

Recall that Wild Guns Reloaded takes the original content of Wild Guns everything by grafting new levels for a total of 8 stages now each composed of 3 zones. This shooter now playable in 4 (Clint and Annie will be joined by Bullet and Doris that have not yet been released) arrives by the end of the year on PS4, anywhere in the world if all goes well.