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Green is an ageless color primarily associated with nature, life, health, youth, wealth, hope, and a whole lot more. This trendy color has been making a noticeable comeback into the world of interior decoration. With Christmas approaching, there is a need to give our home a makeover, and there isn’t a better color to integrate into your space than the color of nature itself. WHY WE SHOULD DECORATE OUR INTERIOR WITH GREEN FOR THE HOLIDAYS-

Green is a color often dismissed by most homeowners, notwithstanding predictions from top interior decorating experts suggesting a significant increase in the use of color. The pandemic might have mainly contributed to the immense popularity of the color this past year. The effects of being restricted and indoors for a while opened up a space for earthy colors to come in. There are several reasons why we need to consider this color as the primary shade for our Christmas decoration. There are numerous ways to decorate our interior and you can stylishly incorporate green into your space.


Green has always been used to mark winter holidays since the beginning of time. The ancient Celtic people kept green-colored holly plants to preserve the beauty of the earth in the middle of winter. The advantages of serenading your home with Christmas wreaths are insurmountable. In addition to being beyond adequate Christmas ornamental decorations, wreaths are also a symbol of love, family, rebirth, and generosity.

For a proper winter decoration, combine metallic garlands, silver accent pieces and aesthetics with green-inspired delicate decorative items like your curtains, rugs, and throw pillows.

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Green is undoubtedly one of the top trending hues of the year; still it remains pretty unpopular amongst a handful of folks. This comforting and calming shade will inevitably be a blast in the coming years, considering the hype built around the color in the world of interior decoration.

A shade of green to consider is olive sprig; there is no better way to bring a feeling of liveliness and radiance to your space. Incorporate this neutral shade of green into your interior through personal aesthetics and ornamental decorations. For a more heightened visual interest, incorporate warm and cool neutrally toned decorative pieces like woods, stones, and silver figurines to complement the subtle organic green undertones.

Style up your interior for the festivities by incorporating an olive tree. Contrary to what you think, they can be grown inside a pot and they carry about a stylish charisma from Tuscany. How you decorate with your olive tree is mainly dependent on the size of your space. If you intend to keep the tree permanently inside, opt for a dwarf variety. The tree must be pruned by you or a professional regularly to prevent it from growing up to six feet. If this process seems rather long and stress-filled, you have a choice to opt for an artificial one.




It is safe to assume that trying to relate with family and friends has become increasingly demanding of late. With Christmas already at our door, there will be an influx of family and friends coming to catch up on how life used to be before the pandemic; what better way to astound your guests than with a professionally and stylishly redecorated dining area.

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Create a contemporary, chic, and lush outlook by incorporating green shades into a neutral background. Bring class and style into the dining area by integrating a nature-inspired vintage print from ELEPHANTSTOCK. Order for your wall arts and watch it transform your space into an interior decorating


As mentioned earlier, green is a futuristic shade and there is no better time than now to style up your interior with this calming and strikingly attractive color palette. Moreover, you can also attempt overt themes like nature, game, halloween, travel, or any other decor theme you wish to incorporate. For game and tech themes, you can get inspired by some of the game reviews on Game Transfers to pick the