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Why going to be insecure the world 2020


The reason behind Why the world is going to be insecure: It cannot and must not leave the announcement of the withdrawal of the United States from the ‘Open Skies’ Treaty indifferent. One of those agreements which aim “not only at a reduction of armaments.

But also at creating an atmosphere of mutual trust that is coming less. And this is an ingredient that, unfortunately, could trigger a new race for rearmament “. Announced four days ago, the decision of the United States to withdraw from the Treaty.  The Open Skies is another blow to European and global security, undermining the increasingly fragile control architecture and regulation of armaments. Here i’ll try to describe that Why the world is going to be insecure.

World is going to be insecure day by day

going to be insecure


Then renegotiated by President George HW Bush together with his Secretary of State, James Baker. The treaty, signed in 1992 and entered into in force in 2002, now comprising 34 countries. It is the result of the end of the Cold War and the thaw between Washington and Moscow. After the disappearance of the Soviet Union. The rationale is straightforward: increase mutual trust, reducing the possibility of misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the other’s moves that could lead to war. 

Focusing on the transparency of intelligence activity

The Treaty allows signatories to carry out reciprocal reconnaissance flights with short notice (72 hours), using aircraft not armed. But equipped with sophisticated sensors and special electronic detection equipment (specified by the Treaty ) to collect information. They observe the military activities of the counterparty.

The United States uses two old Boeing OC-135B aircraft for these missions. Which are piloted by the 45th reconnaissance squadron outside the airbase in Offutt, Nebraska. While Russia aircraft Tupolev Tu-154M. To settle disputes and violations, the Open Skies Consultative Commission provided for in the Treaty. “I have good relations with Moscow, but it does not respect the Treaty,” said the American President, Donald Trump.

Russian Violations is also a fact  

“We bound by a treaty that the Russians violate with impunity,” echoed Marshall Billingslea, Trump’s arms control representative. Equally tough was the position taken by the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Moscow appears to be using images of ‘Open Skies’ in support of an aggressive new. Russian doctrine aimed at hitting critical infrastructure in the United States and Europe with precisely guided conventional ammunition. Rather than using the ‘Open Skies’ treaty as a mechanism to improve trust through military transparency. Russia has therefore armed the treaty by transforming it into an instrument of intimidation and threat ”.

The authorization granted by Moscow to the American

According to Washington’s complaints over the years, Moscow has repeatedly blocked legitimate flights to some controversial cities or regions. In 2014, the Kremlin imposed a limit of 500 kilometers for flights over the Kaliningrad enclave; in 2010. It prevented the overflight of Abkhazia and South Ossetia; in 2019. Russia prevented an American and Canadian overflight from its Tsentr exercise.

In 2017, the United States, after denouncing yet another violation. They decided in retaliation to prevent the spying of Hawaii and Alaska. On the other hand, the authorization granted by Moscow to the American, Latvian and Lithuanian mission to fly over Kaliningrad was not worth anything.

 Trump administration also makes it a question of utility and cost: 

why spend $ 250 million on these missions, allowing Russia to conduct investigations of activities. In American territory, to obtain data that, with even better resolutions, could be collected, saving, from satellites? Indeed, the American decision did not please the European allies. At the end of a two-hour meeting of the Atlantic Council.

The forum of the ambassadors of the member countries of the Alliance in the headquarters of Brussels. There are  10 European countries – Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Sweden – released a statement. Which he clarifies: “We are sorry that the US government has announced its intention to withdraw from ‘Open Skies,‘ although we share its concerns about Russia’s implementation of its clauses.

Final declaration 

However, it is the position of Europeans, “it is a crucial element, and we will continue to implement the Treaty, which provides exact added value to our conventional arms control architecture and cooperative security. We reiterate that this Treaty remains in function and is useful “. I hope you know now what is the main factor behind the world going to be insecure.

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