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Why Should You Invest in NavCoin?

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Let’s figure out whether NavCoin has any prospects and how to invest in it wisely.


How Does NavCoin Work?

The core of the NavCoin code is a bit modified Bitcoin’s source code. The project developers have brought several critical changes:

  • NavCoin uses the NavTech subchain. It allows anonymization and mixing transactions.
  • NavCoin uses proof of stake, unlike Bitcoin.
  • NavCoin transactions are cheaper and faster than Bitcoin.

Transaction Time, Commissions, and Scalability of NavCoin (NAV)

From the very beginning, one of the main advantages of NavCoin was the high speed of transactions. A new block is confirmed every 30 seconds, much faster than 10 minutes for Bitcoin. The NavCoin result outperforms Monero (2 min) and Zcash (2.5 min). With all that said, NavCoin has the fastest new block generation rate these days.

NavCoin also boasts cheap transactions. While those on the Bitcoin or Ethereum network can exceed the transfer amount, the commission of NAV is only 0.0001 NAV.

NavCoin Anonymity

The community is confidently referring to NavCoin as a private coin. Privacy and non-traceability are essential for any financial system and currency. It affects the tokens’ fungibility ‒ the ease of its interchangeability in the market. NAV coins have no history, so every coin is equally valuable.

Anonymous transactions on the NavCoin platform are optional and not even done by default. If the user chooses the incognito mode, these transactions are entirely separated from their account and blockchain address.

Anonymous transactions are carried out using the NavTech technology. This allows sending NAV coins to the recipient through the so-called “sub-chain.” In this case, the transaction is encrypted, and the sender passes NAV to the NavTech sub-chain and not directly to the recipient.

To perform a transaction, NavTech uses several servers and encryption levels. The end fee is sent to the recipient from the coin pool managed by the NavTech contract. It means that the original coins of the sender are not the same coins that reach the recipient.

thanks to a managed pool, multilayer encryption, and coin mixing, NavCoin ensures privacy. This method guarantees the non-traceability of NavTech operations.

Coin NAV in Figures

As of this writing (May 2021), the NAV rate is $0.46. The project ranks 666 in the global cryptocurrency rating. The total capitalization of the coin is slightly more than $33 million with a daily trading volume of $579 858.

Comparing this financial information with its closest competitors Zcash and Monero, we can see that NAV has enormous growth potential. The capitalization of Zcash is $2.9 billion, and the total value of all XMR tokens is more than $6 billion.

More than 90% of the coin’s liquidity comes from the world’s largest centralized exchange, Binance. If you want to start investing in NAV, you should use reliable exchange platforms. With, you will know how to convert NAV to BTC and vice versa anonymously.

What Is Godex, and How to Use It?

It is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that guarantees absolute anonymity for its users. You don’t even need to register to work with it. Note that you have to enter your data and pass the verification procedure to access centralized exchanges. On the contrary, the creators of Godex prioritize customer privacy. Thus, this platform does not store personal information of its users.

The exchange has a fixed commission, as well as a guarantee of the best exchange rate. There are over 200 cryptocurrencies available on Godex with no upper exchange limits. The interface is very simple, so inexperienced users can easily use it.


NavCoin has made significant progress during its existence, realizing exciting goals in the niche of private payments and anonymous, decentralized applications. However, it is still not very popular and lacks impressive capitalization compared to other projects founded around the same period.

Do you research and learn more before investing in any asset. Some experts believe that NavCoin is indeed undervalued. Others think that the project has long been overtaken and trampled by its competitors.

In any case, if you decide to buy or sell NAV anonymously and quickly, will be your best assistant. Being a relatively young service, it is in high demand among users around the world. It also offers step-by-step instructions, so you will easily get the hang of it.