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Why People are Fawning over Yae Miko of Genshin Impact

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The introduction of Yae Miko in Genshin Impact had fans excited. She was first introduced in the miHoyo’s action role-playing game as a non-playing character in July 2021. In the new version of Genshin Impact, version 2.5, she will already be a playable character. The trailer released about her got fans excited. Genshin Chronicle shows us how to build a good Electro character so you can check it out.

The creator of the game got this kind of character from a famous Tamamo-no-Mae kind of female character. This type of character is similar to the cunning fox, they are sexy ladies, well dressed, with long pink hair. They are attractive and could lure men and women alike to do whatever they want them to do.

True enough, Yae Miko of Genshin can do that. Her allure to all kinds of players is different. Although her appearance is a huge factor for her allure, the extensive backstory she has is another reason why players love her. When playing role-playing games (RPG) players often look not only at the ability of the character but also at how he or she came about.

Developers often create a story for role-playing games as it adds more impact on the game. Yae Miko is the head of the Grand Narukami Shrine which is a religious organization worshipped in the archipelago of Inazuma. When version 2.0 of Genshin Impact came out, the archipelago of Inazuma was added to the map and new characters were introduced. Yae Miko was introduced not only as the head of the shrine but also as the owner of the Yae Publishing house.

A character who is a priestess, a book lover, a good eater, and has high combat skills, sure is alluring. Its jump from being an NPC to a playable character also gives intrigue to players as to what she can offer. What makes Yae Miko exciting is also that her upgrade comes with abilities that have excellent graphics and is easy to use.

She is a 5-star Electro user and her weapon of choice is Kagura’s Verity. Her Elemental Burst in the game is one of the most deadly. In version 2 she only gave quests to the players. In version 2.5 she will have her quest. Since she will be fighting monsters, her abilities and weapons would be proven useful. Yae Miko of Genshin-

She is electrifying literally and figuratively. Making her an electro user is one of the best things that developers could do. This makes her more attractive as she moves and there are electric shocks or shockwaves, depending on her attack, on the backdrop. Role-playing games should have excellent graphics and great visuals.

Great visuals include the appearance of the players and the effects of the abilities they have. When these two do not blend well, it is assumed that players will get bored. The most successful RPG games always owe it to how they invested in great visuals. Female characters should always have the appearance of what an ideal woman should look like.

Female characters showing off their legs and busts is no surprise in RPGs but along with their seductiveness should come great abilities. When characters are difficult to build and have no great backstory, it would also have a huge backlash. The gaming community can be picky when it comes to a lot of matters in the game. Understanding the backstory would always lead to the understanding of what the game is all about. 

Players could not start Yae Miko’s story quest, “Divina Vulpes Chapter: Act 1” without completing Raiden Ei’s story quest. In Raiden Ei’s story quest, Yae Miko is a guardian of the shrine, so this is more like introducing her character in the story. Then as you have completed Raiden Ei’s story quest, you will have the chance to know the story of the maiden guardian of the shrine.

How Yae Miko was introduced and how her role had changed from being a non-playable character to a playable character had added to the mystery and the need to play her character. The question of how such a powerful maiden became a religious leader and owner of a publishing house. There are questions on her backstory and that keeps the players intrigued.

Overall, her appearance and her story have all the factors that make her interesting. The developers had put a lot of thought into how to pull in the players to play such a lovable maiden. She is a combination of beauty and skill that players would look for in a female character. She loves to hear squirm which only means that she has the strength to defeat monsters and complete quests.