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Why Lootboxes in Gaming Must Be Recognized as Gambling

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 Online Cricket Betting ID is taking over the world with its multiplayer titles that connect millions in one huge gaming network. Thanks to amazing graphics engines, these videogames are a work of art which is just one of the reasons why we love them. They also represent a virtual social network with a roleplaying element where people can escape from reality for a few hours. We are witnessing a proliferation of new titles and every one of them is bringing something new on the table. We witnessed amazing graphics, open-world gameplay, and multiplayer options and now we are seeing the emergence of Lootboxes in Gaming with all its consequences.


Customize everything

Gaming giants like EA or Ubisoft have recognized this trend a long time ago and managed to incorporate it into their best-selling titles. Cricket ID Players value customized content because it gives them a unique opportunity to express their individuality or just roleplay in different settings. This new approach of total customization increased game replicability dramatically which made multiplayer modes even more popular. Thousands of players from every corner of this globe connect every day using their alter egos to recreate their fantasy worlds in a safe virtual environment. The next logical step in this process was creating some in-game economy that will generate more income from gameplay.

This was mostly done by making custom items that can be bought to upgrade virtual characters thus making them cooler and more formidable. Virtual currencies are used in many online games for buying or upgrading virtual costumes, armor, vehicles, or enhancing a character’s special abilities. This is mostly done by placing all these features into special loot boxes that can be activated during gameplay. These are bought for real money or exchanged for virtual in-game currency which makes them an additional source of income for game creators. Lootboxes in Gaming is extremely popular in the USA market but the gamers in Asia are rapidly taking over and are becoming fascinated by this new concept.

Gambling similarities

Although lootboxing proved to be a huge success for video game developers, at some point people started comparing it with classic gambling thus sparking some controversy. Players from Canada to New Zealand who enjoy online casino games felt confused as they recognized some gambling patterns in this lootboxing feature. If you really want to play at the casino, then first read the review on online casino New Zealand dollars. The thing is that the best and special items hidden inside loot boxes are randomly generated in most cases, thas bringing an element of chance like roulette into the gameplay. This is something that a casino would do surreptitiously and would even earn some nice review in the process.


Players pay real money for their privilege of collecting these randomly generated boxes so who can claim that this is not a gambling-like activity. Others will say that generating random content is not the same as spinning slot wheels as the customer will not get his jackpot every time he places his bet. This counterargument may hold for a while but those who have experience collection loot boxes will disagree because they do not always get what they paid for. They usually do not get what they paid for because winning items are randomly generated thus this kind of gameplay resembles a casino play. This brings questions like should these practices be regulated, prohibited, or controlled in some way?

The future of Lootboxes in Gaming

Many controversies regarding the usage of Lootboxes in Gaming Star Wars franchise made developers rethink their actions and the direction in which they want to go with this concept. They do not wish to be associated with gambling in any way so they are considering new ways for rebranding Lootboxes in Gaming notions. Some acquired this idea that although gift items are randomly generated, players will not have to pay for the privilege to own them but will instead be rewarded according to their gameplay achievements. This might be the beginning of something new and it is a result of a dialog between developers and the gaming community. They seem to listen when players unanimously declared that casino practices have no place in their world.


Customized content that can be exchanged for the virtual currency remains a source for making money but without the element of luck. If you were lured by lootboxing items and you invested substantial amounts of cash in upgrading your favorite heroes, you might have been misled without realizing it. Some players will disagree and say that they willingly invested their money in what they believed to be a rational decision in the desired upgrade. We leave you to decide which group you belong to, but everyone needs to be aware and conscious about this controversial issue. Custom content is one thing, but randomly generated content is something else, and recognizing this difference might be crucial for drawing a line between gambling and gaming.

If you are a gambler who enjoys real money wagers, this issue might not be your concern as you already relish online casinos and enjoy your gambling sessions. Loot boxes may be the furthest thing on your mind but as an experienced gambler, you might be surprised by the effect that playing videogames would have on you. We are not talking about random videogames but the one with the Lootboxes in Gaming element embedded inside them. Maybe just for a second, you would forget that you are playing a videogame and might feel like hanging out in your favorite online casino. Keep this in mind in mind next time you feel some ich for a good action.