Why Is Mobile Gaming Popular – and Where Does It Go Next?

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The idea of gaming often conjures images of long sessions in a darkened room surrounded by potato chips, the curtains drawn, and bottles of cola lining the front room. But all that is changing. For the first time, mobile gaming revenue has surpassed console gaming as the preferred gaming choice – with the market value expecting to hit a peak of over $7billion by the end of 2017. 18% of people even admit to gaming when they should be working! Mobile gaming allows a great variety of scope and flexibility not just for the gamer, but for the game developer.

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The Ease of Mobile Gaming

The variety of mobile gaming has also increased. A few years ago, you couldn’t imagine sitting at a console and loading up a game just to throw birds at towers of pigs. or to attempt to slice up some fruit using only X and O on a controller? Mobile gaming’s quick play format allows for games to be created where the premise is simple and the reward is the levelling up and repetition of the format. There need be no expansive narrative, just simple gestures. Mobile game developers ensure that the gameplay is simple enough to have you coming back for more.

Casino games such as slots, blackjack and roulette translate well from desktop and laptop monitors to smartphone screens, because despite the updated graphics and colorful animations, the gameplay is fairly straightforward and, more importantly, such games can be played in short sessions. Playing mobile casino online on platforms such as bgo showcases how a mobile game combines relative ease with playability to keep fans coming back for more. The platform features a series of themed slots such as The Wild Life and Jackpot Rango, each of which can be played for just a few seconds or in longer sessions, which is ideal for commuters.

iGaming is an increasingly popular pastime, with online casino gaming amounting to 33% of all gambling revenue in the UK in 2016. iGaming is testament to the ease of mobile gaming, and the increase in players reinforces the format. Instead of the lengthy set-up that can come from the desktop, the mobile is almost an extension of our own bodies and allows us to complete tasks and processes at incredibly fast rates. By adding iGaming onto our extra arm (the phone), we are able to dip in and out of our games easily and simply, without spending unnecessary time waiting for the modem to kick in.

The Movability and Connectivity of Mobile Gaming

Pokémon Go is probably the best example of mobile gaming’s immense popularity. You wouldn’t catch a desktop PC game stopping traffic and taking over many companies’ marketing strategies. The best part of Pokémon Go – whose concept remains the same as its handheld variations – is the ability to use the mobile phone. The mobile phone’s inbuilt GPS system and ability to use it to communicate with other phones surpasses any feat of handheld gaming before it to turn the real world into the world of Pokémon. Had the game been released on a console, it wouldn’t have fared as well. Indeed, Netbet offers the movability aspect of their online mobile casino games as a prime reason for playing – allowing players to roulette on the move and interact with QR codes inbuilt into the game’s system.

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The sociability of a mobile phone – after all, it is a communication device – is also a reason for the increase in gaming. Words with Friends and Draw Something are perfect examples of sociability benefitting a mobile game. Both can be played with multiple friends at a time and a turn on each takes roughly 30 seconds – so fits into the categories above. But sometimes – for those friends whose conversations dry up quickly – deeper connections can be made through playing games. Playing games together can strengthen existing friendships, and is relatively less time and effort than a text or phone call. Or can bolster a strong friendship (depending on how competitive the loser gets!) Bgo’s platform offers the live mode, which showcases winners as they happen in a chat window – which allows for healthy competition among friends, and an extra social dynamic to the game.

But, What Next for Mobile Gaming?

Mobile gaming’s obvious benefit is in its title – you can game on the move. You’re also using a mobile phone – which brings its own features in itself. But what next for mobile gaming? Mobile phones are constantly evolving – from being able to withstand torrents of water, to being compatible with other devices in the house. But could mobile gaming benefit from further technological advances? VR is already being implemented for consumers – and with live dealers in iGaming, such as those offered by Mr Mobi and bgo, allowing players to see the dealer in front of them and watch the outcome of their game. VR dealers could be the next thing. Could mobile gaming even tie into what you eat, your sleeping pattern, even your movements and text input? We have our phones constantly by our sides – and the next big thing in mobile gaming will no doubt utilise this to keep us entertained.