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Why Choose Seeds Over Clones For Growing Cannabis?

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Are you planning to start growing cannabis from seeds? Whether in or outdoors, cultivating cannabis is now more manageable, as more resources, from the relevant equipment and practical information are easily accessible. As you begin, you’ll have to choose which way to go; the seeds or clones (cuttings from a mother plant). Each approach has its pros and con. While the end is the buds, each approach takes a different route, exposing you to various challenges. Clones are a go-to for cultivators looking for a fast and efficient route. However, noting that they carry the exact traits of their mother plant, if it was infected with insects or fungi, among other concerns, you’ll also have to deal with such problems. This is a considerable hiccup that can mess your growing endeavors.

Seeds win on various fronts, making the route a go-to for veterans and beginners alike. Finding a reliable and reputable cannabis seed bank such as Homegrown Cannabis Co isn’t such a hassle, especially as you can search online at the comfort of your couch. If you are contemplating why you should go the seeds way, here are some of the top advantages it delivers, making it a favorite for growing cannabis from seeds.


Diseases free

When you are growing cannabis from seeds, you are starting from scratch. Germinating the seeds that haven’t been exposed to a poor growing environment, such as characterized by a range of diseases and pests, gives you an edge. The fresh batch of genetics won’t worry you from the start, wondering if they’ve been exposed to a host of diseases that can sink your efforts. Your plants, grown from the seed, won’t become senescent, ensuring that you realize quality yields. Buying clones means that you aren’t guaranteed that they’ve been rooted properly or if the mother plant was exposed to such problems. It means that you can use clones that can quickly mess your entire batch, as controlling a host of diseases and pest isn’t that easy, especially as a beginner.

Access ease

Buying cannabis seeds is convenient and easy compared to clones. You can easily find and buy cannabis seeds online. With numerous online cannabis seed banks, your quest to find a particular strain won’t be such a hassle. You can safely buy cannabis seeds, discreetly packaged and shipped directly to your mailbox or a preferred location. The trick is to choose a seed bank with a proven record, such as checking their customers’ ratings and testimonials to ensure they deliver as promised.

You won’t have to leave your home to get the seeds, and with reputable online seed banks offering considerations such as germination guarantee, you can get the most out of your hard-earned cash. Readily available seeds from various strains, including feminized, autoflowering, and regular cannabis, and ease of ordering online without breaking any law is a significant advantage of choosing the seeds route over clones.


Seeds are easier and cheaper to store and transport compared to clones. It might cost you a lot initially to buy the seeds, especially if you opt for the top strains, compared to clones, but transporting and storing them is easier and cheaper. If you opt to clone the plants, you have to maintain a mother plant, a concern that can be quite inconvenient. The mother plant has to be well-matured, and caring for it to ensure that infestations don’t characterize your clones isn’t that convenient. Storing the clones won’t be that easy either, making the extra bucks spent on buying seeds a worthy course. As a beginner or a veteran cannabis cultivator with less time on your hands, going the seeds route is the most convenient way.

Easier cultivation

Whether you choose seeds or clones, some plants won’t thrive. Some will succumb to diseases and pests regardless of the efforts to keep them growing, with others producing little to no quality yields after maturing. Nonetheless, seeds tend to produce more robust plants than clones. Clones are quite vulnerable, especially early on, making it harder to keep the diseases and pests at bay, more so if the mother plant was infested. Even with cloning tools, if you aren’t experienced, concerns such as insufficient rooting, light, and nutrients can make it almost impossible to develop a healthy batch.

While some seeds could be infested, with reputable online seed banks, you are guaranteed high-quality products. This means that you get a fresh start, ensuring that you undertake an operation that hasn’t struggled with concerns such as diseases and pests. Another considerable element while growing cannabis from seeds is that the plants have a taproot and healthier roots system. This anchors the plant strong enough, developing healthier and stronger trunk and branches that can easily support more weight, meaning you’ll get heavier and thicker buds than a clone can deliver. Cones don’t have main roots, and while the lateral roots feed the plant well, they don’t penetrate that deep, meaning that they can’t support much weight. If they grow bigger and without adequate support, you’ll get a lesser yield. Seeds plants’ robustness makes it easier to grow, regardless of your skill level.

Cost and versatility

While considering the initial costs, clones are cheaper. However, in the long-run, seeds prove to be a lot cost-effective. You won’t have to maintain a mother plant that takes up space and requires care to ensure you get healthy clones. With seeds, you can use the extra production space for more plants, and with the possibility of breeding, you can find a strain that matches your unique taste and preferences. At the end of the growing season, you can harvest seeds for your subsequent grows, with those unique characteristics you look for in cannabis.

With clones, you get the same product year in year out, the predictability that might not be that exciting, especially if you don’t like the product that much. The only way to change the qualities is to start with new cones, meaning buying a new batch and eliminating your current mother plant. That will take time and more resources compared to seeds. With such versatility and cost-effectiveness, in the long-run, the seeds route wins.

Choosing between seeds and clones might not be that straightforward. However, seeds are an effective choice, especially for beginners and cannabis cultivators who aren’t willing to gamble with the possibility of buying infected clones or dealing with extra space for the mother plant.