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List of Richest YouTuber in the World With Links to YouTube Channel

Richest YouTuber in the World

YouTube is a digital platform on which people can share their creativity in the form of videos. It is a public platform and thousands of people can see what you upload on YouTube. Over time, the platform has become a brilliant resource for all talented people who have some worthy content to share with the public. Therefore, some people have been able to achieve huge success on the platform. As a result, they could monetize their YouTube channels and are successfully earning whopping amounts of money. In this article, you will find a list of those stars that also include the richest YouTuber in the world right now. Besides, YouTube is now the most trending digital platform. So, knowing about the below celebrities will give you ideas of whom to search for the best content.


Who is the richest YouTuber 2020?

Let’s not waste any more time and start checking out the list of the trending YouTube stars. The below list consists of the names in descending order of their earnings and net worth. Therefore, you will find out about the richest YouTuber in the opening section of the list itself.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is the richest YouTuber presently with a net worth of a whopping $75 million. Star is a fashion designer and American origin model. He is famous for his make-up tutorials on YouTube. He focuses on viewers of all genders and that is what makes him the richest YouTuber of 2020. Jeffree Star’s debut gig was on MySpace on which he became very popular because of his DJ skills and singing. His album ‘Beauty Killer’ became viral and hit the #2 spot on the trending charts. Star is also a part of several other ventures apart from YouTube which contributes to his net worth as well.

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Daniel Middleton

Closely following the richest YouTuber on this list is Daniel Middleton who stands at #2 with a net worth of $45 million. His huge following and fortune come from the popularity of his gaming channel called Diamond Minecart. There are millions of subscribers and viewers of this channel who love the content that Middleton makes. In the process, Daniel Middleton has been able to get his channel monetized through revenue streams and several sponsorship deals. All these have been generated through Diamond Minecart making Middleton almost the richest YouTuber of the year. The man has another YouTube channel as well, and that focusses mainly on children’s content.

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Logan Paul

The man behind Logan Paul Vlogs stands at the third spot with a net worth of a cool $40 million. He is the owner of not just one but two channels, and the other one is The Official Logan Paul. Logan started his YouTube career by creating vines and was very good at it. His channel soon became popular with thousands of views and 3 million subscribers. Of course, he was making good money back then as well, but the man had more plans. Therefore, he started collaborating with big brands such as Hanes, PepsiCo, and HBO for sponsorship. Later, his appearances in TV series gave his popularity one more kick. His significant performances include that in “Stitchers”, “Law & Order”, and “Weird Loners.” Famous YouTuber Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s brother and is quite rich too.

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With a net worth of $24 million, Markiplier is one of the rare YouTube stars who is known for multiple talents. His real name is Mark Fischbach and he is an actor, voice artist, as well as a comedian. He belongs to the famous Honolulu region of Hawaii and his YouTube channel is running successfully for quite a few years now.

According to the statistics of last year, Markiplier already had more than 22 million subscribers. Besides, every gameplay commentary video that he posts get more than a Billion views. Markiplier is a part of the list of the funniest guys on the internet. Although most of his videos are filled with fun things, some of them are horror, and action too. It only shows how versatile the man is in whatever he does. Markiplier started his channel back in 2012. Besides being just a YouTube star, he also works as a voice artist under the Red Giant Entertainment Company.

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Toy reviews by Ryan

Ryan is probably the richest YouTuber kid on today’s date. He is a cute little boy who is famous for his toy reviews. One of his videos in which he plays a game called the “hug eggs surprise channel” became viral overnight. The same video garnered more than half a billion views making Ryan nothing short of an internet sensation.

Ryan’s YouTube channel started gathering so much popularity that his mother had to leave her full-time job to be with the little boy. It is so nice to see his parents appearing in his videos. Plus, it is moral for all parents that every child needs their own space for you to understand what their real talent is. Ryan is undoubtedly one of the cutest guys on the internet. His net worth as of the latest record is a whopping $22 Million, and he is never looking back, guys!

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Jake Paul

Following the little Ryan is the youngster YouTuber Jake Paul whose net worth is approximately $21.5 Million. The 21-year old internet celebrity has charmed people around with his personality. Everyone loves to see the updates that he posts about his everyday life and the pranks and jokes that he executes. Jake is like any other boy-next-door who is cute, mischievous, witty, and smart all at the same time. According to his viewers, Jake spreads a lot of positive energy through his videos that can help people smile in the toughest situations. The young boy is an excellent rapper as well, and his songs receive millions of views making him more famous.

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Dude Perfect

You must have watched their videos if you are a sports enthusiast. Well, if you haven’t then this information is for you. The Dude Perfect is a group of men that includes Coby and Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert. They have made up to the list of the wealthiest YouTubers by posting interesting sports videos. Together, they are the best group in the sports entertainment category on YouTube.

The most interesting fact about Dude Perfect is their story of getting popular. They had just posted videos showing summer camp sports, and basketball tricks. In just a couple of days, they had already attracted more than 5 million viewers and therefore became viral. The statistics of Dude Perfect is more impressive than several other popular YouTube channels. They are constantly trying to add newer things to their vlogs to make the content more diverse. So, they keep working with athletes from various fields for people to keep watching them with more interest. The total net worth of Dude Perfect is approximately $20 Million.

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Pew Die Pie

Felix Kjellberg or Pew Die Pie is at a tie with the Dude Perfect team based on the net worth. It is because one of the richest YouTuber Pew Die Pie is also standing at a handsome $20 Million according to the latest calculations. The man attracts viewers with his energetic and enigmatic personality primarily. Besides, he is ranked as one of the most brilliant comedians and commentators on the internet.

His subscriber base is a massive 70 Million+. So, you can very well imagine how much the man must be earning every month! The viewers are crazy about Pew Die Pie, and it definitely has something to do with his personality, and how much he knows his viewers. It seems that he offers the viewers exactly what they want, and that is the reason he gets so much love and support. We undoubtedly want to see a lot more from Pew Die Pie, and here is wishing him all the best!

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John Green

What do you say about such a talented man? Words fall short when you are trying to praise a multitalented person like John Green. He earns a whopping $19 Million from YouTube, and that is just a part of what all he does in life. Green is a fantastic writer, and also a producer of films and podcasts. His podcast by the name of “The Anthropocene Reviewed,” is a massive success, and has also received a lot of critical acclamation. Besides, he has always been a role model and inspiration for so many people out there.

John Green offers crash courses on a wide array of subjects such as Mental Floss and other similar ones. If you have to describe him in just a pair of words, he is extremely talented. Moreover, his personality is stunning, and it justifies his aura completely. You rarely find a person who comes in a complete package where you get the perfect blend of talent and personality. Well, John Green belongs to that list of rare individuals.

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Evan Fong

With a handsome net worth of $17 Million, Evan Fong makes it in the list of the top 10 richest YouTubers. The fact is that gaming channels always gain more popularity in comparison to most other channels under other genres. However, it is even better with Evan Fong because he tasted success very soon in the YouTubing process. The Canadian-origin sensation started Vanoss, his gaming channel, and started getting more viewers every day. Within an impossibly short span, Fong already had more than 10 Billion views and a massive 23 Million subscriber list. It seems that there is something more special about Evan Fong’s channel. It is pulling viewers towards it rapidly and continuously.

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Lilly Singh

The Canadian origin young woman justifies the name of her YouTube channel which is called “Superwoman.” It started back in 2010, and soon Lilly started receiving a lot of love. Now she is immensely popular after a decade of being on this platform. Moreover, her net worth according to the latest calculations is approximately $16 Million which is huge. She is multitalented being an actor, motivational speaker, and comedian. The energy and smartness in Lilly are what attracts more people to click on her videos every day. Lilly Singh till now has been nominated and felicitated multiple times on several prestigious platforms. She also invites several celebrities to join her, to make her videos cooler. She has, to date inspired so many people, most importantly women over the world.

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The German Garmendia

Following Lilly Singh is the YouTuber from Chile called HolaSoyGerman or The German Garmendia. The man earns as much as $ 13 Million and is, therefore, one of the richest in the industry. Apart from the channel HolaSoyGerman, the artist has another channel known as JuegaGerman. The multitalented YouTube celebrity is a comedian, singer, musician, and songwriter. What is more interesting is that he does each one of these with equal love and dedication. When he was younger, the singer had started singing as a part of a small band, in which his brother was also with him. The name of that channel is Zudex. Fortunately, YouTube has given him massive exposure. He took advantage of the exposure that he got, and proved to the world what a true talent he is.

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James Charles

The German Garmendia is closely followed by makeup artist James Charles who stands at a net worth of $12 million. James Charles is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, and his work speaks volumes. He started his channel back in 2015, and it did not take him too long to gain so much popularity. Till now, James Charles has collaborated with several celebrities, and other YouTube stars too. Has is also working in collaboration with quite a few high-rated makeup companies. Some of his videos keep doing the rounds on the internet making him a more famous star.

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Final thoughts

YouTube is not just one of the leading video streaming platforms, but the source of income for many. Now, some make it to the top, and some are still trying to climb the ladder of success. Here, we have a list of richest YouTube stars.

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