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White House Confirms That It Will Send Invitations To Video Game Companies

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After the US government reported that Donald Trump would seek to meet with video game companies to discuss issues related to the violence in the games and their influence in the recent shootings, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) assured that it had not received any invitation, calling into question the official version. However, it seems that the meeting will be carried out as a government representative has recently confirmed it.

This morning, NBC correspondent Peter Alexander reported that a representative of the White House assured him that the meeting between Trump and the video game companies will take place and, in response to the ESA, he said that the invitations are being prepared and will arrive soon because the meeting is planned to be held next week.

This response supports what was originally said by Sarah Sanders, press secretary, and everything indicates that the US president will have a first contact with the companies that have representation in the country in the coming days.

According to reports in recent days, the video games have been pointed out by the US government, again, as causes and/or triggers of violent acts and that is the message that Donald Trump will transmit to the companies of the industry, searching, according to their perspective, to avoid another tragedy.