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Which GTA V Character is the Very Best Match for You?

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While we all anxiously await the arrival of GTA 6 – with no possibility of it arriving anytime soon – we’re just going to carry on with GTA 5, even though lots of gamers have been perfecting their skills for around three and a half years now.

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But then it is an insanely playable game, not to mention being the fastest ever selling video game in history earning Rockstar an incredible $800 million in its first day of release. A lot of its success has to do with the plotting and gameplay but in GTA V the characterization’s been taken up a notch from its predecessor, along with the size of Los Santos. Because there are three main protagonists it’s also great to either play the character who’s closest to your own or, to make a change, to pick the one who’s as far from you as possible.

So who do you think you’re most naturally like? Most people would probably like to think that they’re mainly Michael De Santa. A guy who’s taken a few wrong turns in his life but who still sticks by his friends and believes that co-operation can be more effective than conflict. He’s a good family man, albeit with a pretty dysfunctional family around him. He’s also a pretty cunning strategist, always thinking a couple of steps ahead of most of the others around him and keen to keep his cards close to his chest. But his fatal weakness may be his explosive temper and huge ego which he struggles to keep in check.

Far fewer people would probably choose to be like Trevor Philips, the unpredictable associate of De Santa who, far from keeping his cards close to his chest, is probably the kind of player that 888poker would class as a “maniac”. Like this kind of cunning player he makes apparently wild gambles, is totally unpredictable and has no qualms about breaking the etiquette. But then from what we know of his past he did have a very tough upbringing which undoubtedly helped to shape his character. And, while he may sport a “cut here” tattoo round his neck he does have a more caring side which comes out in the way that he acts almost like an uncle to Jimmy and Tracy De Santa.

The last of the three protagonists is their trusty sidekick Franklin Clinton. As a younger and very ambitious man he has a real can-do attitude as well as an entrepreneurial spirit – so it’s no surprise that Michael De Santa takes an almost fatherly approach to him. His optimism is in real contrast to the other two protagonists and the struggles he has endured to make it out of the Los Santos ghetto have set him in good stead to succeed. Of the three he’s probably one to aspire to most, especially if the crime and the violence don’t have to play such a big part in his future life.

So whether you think you’re most like, or would most like to be, Michael, Trevor or Franklin. We hope that this has given you some tips on how to become more or less like them in your everyday life. And if you need help deciding which way to go we’d probably suggest trying to be less like them whenever you can…