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Which Are New Movies Coming Out In This 2021?

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If you wonder what the must-see movies are, the most anticipated releases of the year, horror movies, Marvel movies, Italian movies, and Disney movies that everyone is waiting for, read on! The release calendar was upset by the Coronavirus emergency, which led, on March 8, 2020, to the closure of all Italian cinemas with the consequent postponement of film releases. From June 15, 2020, to October 25, the cinemas reopened. Still, with the Dpcm of October 25, 2020, the cinemas’ closing was again arranged until November 24, subsequently extended by the following Dpcm until March 5, 2021. The outputs of the films scheduled in that time frame are postponed to a date to be defined. From this article, you will know which new movies coming out? Let’s get discussing. 


Which new movies coming out in 2021?


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# January 1 28, 2021


  • A Patty Jenkins film.
  • With Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Kristen Wiig.
  • [ACTION]
  • The film continues to follow superhero Wonder Woman’s adventures. Once again accompanied by Steve Trevor, as she fights against two new, fearsome enemies. The Cheetah and Max Lord.

#2 Film February 2021

Here you will notice the complete program of films to see at the cinema in February 2021:

** updating calendar **

#3 Film March 2021

Here you will attain the complete program of films to see at the cinema in March 2021:

  • March 4, 2021
  • A film by Ilya Naishuller.
  • With Bob Odenkirk and Connie Nielsen.
  • [ACTION]

Is COVID-19 a matter for late releasing?


Between pandemics, climate disasters, wars, terrorist acts, social struggles, and so on, 2020 was not a great year for the planet earth, humanity, and, more in small, for our beloved cinema . This section is yet in full pressure, and we do not know how the SARS-CoV- 2 pandemic will evolve . For now, the only certain thing is that in Italy, after the entry into force of the new Prime Minister’s Decree of January , cinemas will remain closed at least until March 5, 2021, despite being considered safe places.

The  Coronavirus, in addition to upsetting our lives, has caused the postponement of many films. It has aggravated the Studios’ financial plans and the calendar for the coming years. 

The titles we hope to see in cinemas in 2021

The dates refer to the release of the films in American cinemas. They  changed at any time. The Warner 2021 titles will be released simultaneously in the cinema. Therefore The streaming on HBO Max (in Italy, this platform does not exist). Italian cinemas will remain closed until March 5, 2021.

Therefore 2021 promises to be the year of recovery for the sector that has suffered most from the lockdown. There will be many releases (including close-ups) of important films that will attract millions of fans. This is including the undersigned (Covid-19 permitting). Therefore it is good to make a summary of the most exciting films coming up.

Wonder Woman 1984 – new movies coming out

With Patty Jenkins’s return as director and Gal Gadot in the lead role, WW1984 is the follow-up to the first blockbuster DC superhero film, Wonder Woman . Therefore The third and final chapter announced! Set in the 1980s, Wonder Woman’s adventures. She finds herself facing new dangerous enemies such as Cheetah, a formable fighter with the agility of a feline.

Until the last clue – new movies coming out

The Oscar winners Denzel Washington, Rami Malek. Jared Leto the psychological thriller protagonists. Until the last clue ( The Little Things ), directed by John Lee Hancock. The film  published in US cinemas on January 29, 2021, and live on HBO Max.

Therefore Deputy Sheriff of Kern County, Joe “Deke” Deacon (Washington) sent to Los Angeles for what supposed to be a temporary evidence gathering assignment. On the contrary, he finds himself involved in the hunt for the killer who is terrorizing the city. Leading the investigation is Sergeant Jim Baxter (Malek) who, struck by Deke’s instincts, requests his unofficial help. But as they hunt down the killer. Baxter ignores that the investigation uncovering some situations Deke experienced in the past, revealing painful secrets that jeopardize much more than his case.

Supernova – new movies coming out

Presented at the Rome Film Fest, Supernova, written and directed by Harry McQueen, arrived in theaters in the fall, but the date postponed to 2021. In the on-the-road drama, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci play Sam and Tusk. Two who have been together for 20 years and take a motorhome trip to England, intent on visiting friends, relatives. The places from their past. All after one of them  diagnosed with a severe illness.

Final word on new movies coming out

If you are a cinema lover then you are eagerly waiting for the list which released in 2021. In this description, we listed some movies which are coming soon. So, the waiting time is over. Let’s check the new movies coming out of our list. Thanks for co-operating with us.