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Where To Hire A Software Development Team?

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The success of any company that will develop any IT product depends on the coordinated work of the software development team. All managers know this. But not everyone knows how to build a software development team so that it works efficiently and without interruptions. The best option is to hire a dedicated development team from Ukraine. But if you are gonna create it yourself, here you will find the top 3 tips as well as the best countries to hire developers.


What is a software development team?

A software development team is a group of IT specialists working on the same product. The structure of the software development team depends on the project, its complexity, goals, and growth rate. But there is a standard structure, which is most often enough to create a product and launch it on the market:

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

There is no single optimal software development team structure. In one case, the task can be handled by the specialists listed above. In another case, you’ll need an AI and ML specialist, a 3D artist, or a UX copywriter.

Top 3 tips for creating an outstanding software development team

For a product to grow, it is important to hire developers who believe in its success and will do everything for the company. It is difficult to find such people, but if you can, you will get remote developers who do their job responsibly and help you find fresh ideas.

Plan the structure of the software development team before you assemble it

It is advisable to plan the structure of the software development team for two options:

  • For the MVP (minimum viable model). It may consist of a few people, and that’s fine.
  • For the software development team in 1 year. Usually, new positions are added to the software development team structure because more specialists are needed.

Next, you need to prioritize hiring. Consider who is needed first: these developers are the backbone of the software development team that will work on MVP. Look for such specialists and hire exactly as many as are needed at the moment. Don’t hire 10 backend developers at once if three can handle the tasks.

Hire experienced professionals, not trainees

Newcomers without experience may be paid less, but:

  • You or more experienced specialists will have to teach them. You will spend time on this instead of supervising.
  • The cost of a mistake is too high. A newbie can write poor code your team will have to recode for several weeks.

It’s better to hire those who are qualified in their field and know exactly what to do. Then you won’t be teaching them, they’ll be teaching you.

Look for those who are inspired by the project

These professionals believe in the product and give their best to work, take the initiative, and can help with fresh ideas. To find them, tell them what you want to do during the interview. If the person’s eyes light up and they start to hypothesize and propose some ideas, this is someone you can inspire.

Another way to check initiative and dedication is to ask about achievements in life. If a person has achieved something, let alone won first place in a competition unrelated to his work, it characterizes him as an achiever. This person is used to going forward and not giving up. This is a good quality for a software development team.

What are the best countries to hire a software development team?

The best countries to hire software development teams are Ukraine, Poland, Argentina, India, and China. They offer the best ratio between tech talents, service costs, English knowledge, and time zone difference. Here we want to discuss Ukraine in particular.

Ukraine is the best IT outsourcing market in Eastern Europe


Ukraine ranks 5th among the top 25 IT service providers. Currently, more than 200,000 developers work in Ukraine. Here you can hire Senior, Middle, and Junior developers with expertise in different niches cheaper than in other European countries.

Ukrainian developers work with almost all programming languages


Ukrainian developers have experience with most technologies. In 2021, the most popular technologies among Ukrainian developers were JavaScript, C #/.NET, Java, and PHP. Nevertheless, you can hire Ukrainian developers that know Rust, Hack, Аda, Haskell, Erlang, Racket, Io, Dart, and even Groovy.

Great quality/price ratio

The average hourly rate for software development is $25-50. The average salary of a software engineer ranges from $1500 for Middle specialists to $5700 per month for Senior specialists (excluding taxes).


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