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When Wrong Turn 7 (2020) will Release?

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Wrong Turn is going to take a scary back turn with a reboot version and seventh installment of the film series. The production of the film has been begun in Ohio. Soon, we will get a scary and thrilling sneaky look of the film.

Wrong Turn 7 is currently under the production phase. So, get ready to witness some more horrific haunts of flesh and blood. Now, its time of the wake of cannibals amid gut-wrenching bloodshed.

The cannibals are set to come back to the screen to cut humans down into pieces and feast over their raw flesh and blood. Get ready for the euphoric violence, sex, betrayals, haunting, brutality amid slicing of human bodies. This new part of the Wrong Turn is a reboot which means that there’s a new beginning and story.

Although it is the seventh installment, it isn’t a sequel to the sixth installment of the Wrong Turn franchise. This new part of the Wrong Turn is a reboot which means that there’s a new beginning and a new story.

Verily, you’ all must be excited for a new version of the Wrong Turn. Let’s see what this reboot is set to bring for us. For sure, this gonna be far scarier and gut-wrenching than the rest.

Before going ahead to discuss the storyline of Wrong Turn 7, let’s have a review of the previous Wrong Turn films.

(Meanwhile having a review of the all previous Wrong Turn films, you’ll probably notice significant changes throughout all films marking the film’s journey from worst to best)


Wrong Turn’s Journey from Worst to Best

Wrong Turn 1 (2003)

The average rating of the first Wrong Turn film was 4.22/10. A general agreement after the reviews given by critics on the film stated that “This is an unremarkable (ordinary) slasher film that fails to distinguish itself from the other slasher films”.

It means that the first Wrong Turn film didn’t proved to be worth seeing. So, we can conclude that the beginning of this slasher film series was worst or probably not as good as expected.

Wrong Turn 2 (2007)

Wrong Turn 2 was reported to get far more positive reviews than the first one. 70% of the 10 critics gave positive reviews about the film.

is a hot ticket for some gore-soaked backwoods mayhem that gets even better with repeated viewings and lots of booze“, “what could have been a cheap and lazy cash-in turned out to be one of the year’s better genre offerings“, “a derivative and stupid outing” but very entertaining“, “a consistently entertaining film” said by various people about the film, respectively.

Moreover, the film won the  Best Direct-to-Video Film award.

Verily, it seems to be an unexpected turn of events amid success.

Wrong Turn 3 (2009)

2 years after the second film, the Wrong Turn took a turn back to pop-up on the screens with its third installment. Unfortunately, the third part received negative reviews from the critics. It was said about the third film that it brought the film series back to the point where it was before the second part. Verily, the part 2 brought success and part 3 let all that down.

Wrong Turn 4 (2011)

Although it was the fourth installment, it was a prequel film. This film raised the bars again as it received positive reviews from the critics as well as from the viewers. People stated that this film was exactly what the fans want. We can conclude that the characters of the fourth film are interchangeable and the plot is derivative like the first film that’s why it proved to be what fans wanted.

Wrong Turn 5 (2012)

The fifth installment of the series turned out to be the worst of the rest. It received many negative reviews from the critics as well as viewers. Everything in the film from characters to the storyline, poor CGI, and acting was negatively criticized.

Wrong Turn 6 (2014)

Wrong Turn 6 is a stand-alone film as it has nothing to with the rest of the films. It can be viewed as an origin story. The overall reviews about the film were positive and turned out to be the best of the rest. Starburst rated the film 7/10  whereas Dread Central rated it 1.5/5.

Whatsoever, Wrong Turn 6, verily, is the best of the Wrong Turn Film Series.

Now, let’s move to know all about the story of Wrong Turn 7.

What Will be the Story of the Wrong Turn 7?

As the title of the film depicts, the reboot version of wrong is all about “the foundation”. Whereas the foundation is the community of cannibals “those who hunt, cut down, and eat flesh and blood of humans”.

Wrong Turn: Foundation will follow the story of a group of friends who on taking a wrong turn will reach the mountains that’s the home place of the foundation. Indeed, this wrong turn will lead them to death.

We’all want to see what the makers of the wrong have set to tremor us. We can expect to witness some blood-curdling acts of slicing down and eating human flesh. Moreover, there will be a lot of spice of love, romance, and sex to hype up the intensity of the film that for sure is an important element of the essence of the wrong turn film series.

Without euphoria and sex, there’s no smack of the wrong turn. So, get ready to experience a hell of sex amid brutality.

Prequel or a Sequel?

As this film is a reboot, there’s no connection of this part to the previous parts of the film and it will stand on its own. Anyhow, we can expect some more parts of the wrong turn series to be released under the title of the sequel of this reboot version.

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