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When Digimon survive release date?

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Last week, Toei Animation’s European site updated the release window for Digimon Survive, saying it would launch in January 2021. Unfortunately, it appears that with a recent update. The January is launching window is no longer so safe. There has been a lot of uncertainty regarding the release of Digimon Survive. The previous report is the “transition from 2020 to TBA is a mistake on the part of Famitsu” and that the game is still scheduled for 2020. When Digimon survive release date? Before knowing the date, we have to know somethings.


Diary starring producers Habu Kzaumasa


This is also supported by the official Toei Animation program released by a Chinese game site, confirming the release period. Bandai Namco also released a developer diary starring producers Habu Kzaumasa. They dig deep into the past, present, and future of Digimon video games. Finally, even coming to tell about Digimon Survive.



During the video, Kazumasa talked about how the team is trying to build something that satisfies both hardcore and casual audiences. To do this, they mixed elements of tactical RPGs and of adventure games. The developers hope that this combination of play styles will make the game more accessible to everyone.


When Digimon survive release date?


Katsuaki also spoke of two different parts of the gameplay of Digimon Survive. The first, which he calls a ” drama part, “is similar to a text adventure. Several options will be given that will affect the game’s story. The ” battle part ” is instead a standard tactical role-playing game. However, the choices made in the part that focuses on the story will affect various aspects even during the battles.


What do you think? Are you also waiting for Digimon Survive? Tell us yours, and if you do not want to miss the news from the world Pokémon and Nintendo f you are among the gamers who were eagerly awaiting Digimon Survive’s release, unfortunately, we have to give you bad news. It seems that the release date of the game could suffer another postponement.

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Producer Kazumasa Habu makes it known on his Twitter profile


Expected on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam during 2020, Digimon Survive would have been the perfect crowning achievement to celebrate 20 years of the series. However, producer Kazumasa Habu makes it known on his Twitter profile that, unfortunately, the release date would still be. Far away.


It is a real shame considering that the premises were excellent, and many are still waiting for information on the game. Even the synopsis, released by Bandai Namco, seemed to give hope for a product that would not disappoint fans. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Digimon anime. Digimon Survive presents an all-new adventure set in a mysterious world with characters designed by Uichi Yakumo. Tomoki Miyoshi acclaims the music.


Finding them transported to a strange new world of monsters and dangers


Digimon Survive sees a brand new group of teenagers. Led by Takuma Momozuka get lost on a school camping trip. Finding them transported to a strange new world of monsters and dangers.

As they battle their way home through an animated world of tough decisions and deadly battles, player choices throughout the game will impact the evolution of their monstrous allies and the final ending. The battles in the game fought in 2D. In a more classic strategic RPG style.

We have to wait and hope that the works proceed without further hitches.


For those who missed the previous episode : Digimon survive release date


– Digimon was born in 1997 as a male version of Tamagotchi, produced by Bandai.

– In 1999, the popularity of Digimon explodes thanks to the excellent animated series Digimon Adventure and Bandai decides to use the brand as a spearhead in its ruthless competition to Nintendo and the monopoly of Pokémon in the field of entertainment for the little ones both for what it’s about animated series, that video games.

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– The problem of always arriving second on the rival brand and the lower average quality of Digimon’s video games than Pokémon mean that sales are systematically below expectations, and Digimon’s close competition is increasingly on the way to defeat.

– Sniffing the failure. Bandai decides to rework some aspects of the brand with a new animated series. Effectively giving a new shape to the imagery of Digimon as it formed in the minds of the fans.


Gen.2 – No longer chosen, but Tamers


Bandai had never totally intended to make Digimon a brand closely linked to the animated series. So it is not too surprising to see how once Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02 sold out. It decided to make a new series that would allow the creators to develop other brand ideas.

The positive points from which to start again to create a new Digimon series taken a bit everywhere among the elements belonging to the brand released up to that moment.

The restart for a new animated series that could replace Adventure 02 set off from the TCG of Digimon, while the name was fished from the titles for Wonderswan: Tamers, tamers.


The new series would no longer have had the dynamics of classic fantasy, with the chosen ones called to save the world. Still, simple kids, who have no duty to the Digital World, find themselves in the middle of the action almost by chance and will have to learn to live with their Digimon, protect them and help them in times of need.