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What Will Happen in Netflix’ Series “Sex Education Season 3” ?

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At this time there is a show which addresses with teenage issues. I hope you will be familiar with it. Yes! I am talking about the Netflix show Sex education, which got a massive response by fans.

Sex Education third show is coming on Netflix very soon. The second season recently ended where Otis mother Jean was seen on the school. We can imagine how it would be embarrassing fo Otisto seeing his mother lecturing on sexual business.

The second season came to some romantic escapades and failures that followed along with it. We noticed how sexual assault or harassment happened to almost everyone in life.

What Will be in Sex Education season 3?

In the upcoming show, we will see how Eric decided to end the relationship with Amir. Moreover, Issac will come for another plan in the third series. The harassment issue was highlighted in the form of a detention class where girls share their horrific experiences.

So let’s see what happens in the next season will Otis succeed in wooing Maeve into his life. Moreover, we would see the complicated relationship between jean and Jakob.

Well, the release date did not announce yet. All cast stars will reprise their respective role for the third season. However, the expected release date of the third show is the beginning of 2021.