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What will buying League of Legends Accounts Do for My Game?

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One of the most efficient ways to reach level 30 in League of Legends is to by league accounts. Read on to find if you buy league accounts, what will it do to your game.

A quick Google search or query on gaming forums will result in people advising you to buy level 30 league accounts or Smurf accounts to improve your gaming experience.

Many experienced players have bought league of legends accounts and, based on their own experiences can tell you where the best place to buy league accounts are.

Basically, there are two main reasons why buying a League account can improve your playing experience: It allows you to level up quicker and it allows you to play with a wider variety of players. We’re going to explain how that works a little more below.

Before you buy league accounts of level 30, however, you might be wondering what exactly the advantage to reaching that level is?


Why do you want to reach Level 30 in League of Legends?

Many people feel that the real “game play” in League of Legends only begins when you start playing at level 30 and with others who have reached that level as well.

No matter how you reached Level 30, by doing so naturally or by buying a League account, it is only then when you can begin competing and climbing up the ranked ladder. If you enjoy a challenge, you are going to want to begin playing ranked games as soon as possible.

When you reach level 30, you can begin playing in ranked games. These games put you into brackets called “Divisions” where you are ranked based on your performance. You can play against and with people who are ranked, allowing you to play at a more “challenging” levels.

Also, at level 30, runs and summoner spells are unlocked. This means that you can now customize your player according to your particular play style.

If I can reach Level 30 naturally, why should I buy League accounts?

It is free to create a League of Legends account and free to “level up” naturally. All you have to do is keep playing – and winning. It will, however, take a lot of game time.

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On an average, it will take you about 37,000 experience points to hit Level 30 naturally. While you can buy XP boost or earn more by grouping with friends, winning a normal game will get you about 200 XP. If that’s the case, then you need to play – and win — about 200 games in order to reach Level 30 through game play alone.

Many players who chose to buy a level 30 League account did so because they wanted to reach that level quicker. They considered the initial price of buying a LOL account “worth” it when they pitted it against the amount of game time that they would have needed to put in to reach the level “naturally”.

Think about it, if an average game lasts about 30 minutes, it will take you about 5 hours to earn 1000 experience points. If you only play 5 hours a day, it will take you 37 days to earn enough experience points to reach level 30.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you for keeping your main account and leveling that up “naturally”. But, buying a Level 30 League account allows you to have the best of both worlds. You just need to switch between the accounts.

What is an unranked Smurf account? Why should I buy one?

If you are looking at the different league accounts for sale, you might come across the term “unranked Smurf.”  Many people will say that it’s really unranked Smurf accounts that you should be looking for if you want to start playing at a higher level.

One other reason why people will buy and use an unranked Smurf is, because they want to play with their unranked friends.

If you have a friend who is just beginning to play League of Legends, you don’t want to use your regular, ranked account while playing with them.

First of all, if they play with you in your “high” rank, they will not have a good time. Because of your rank, they will end up being placed into scenarios that they are just not skilled enough to cope. They are not going to enjoy themselves, get taken advantage of by higher ranked players, and might just end up giving up on the game all together.

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If you use an unranked Smurf account to play with your newbie friends, you can better “introduce them” to the game in a way that is fun for them. It will allow the both of you to play in a less stressful environment where you can coach them through the game play and give them some tips that they can use to get the hang of things better.

Also, since you are using a Smurf account and not your main account, whatever happens during the game will not affect you ranking.

Other Reasons to Buy and Play witha Smurf LOL Account

Another reason to buy a LOL Smurf account is if you want to play with people who are on different servers.

Riot Games separate their player bases according to region. So, if you created your account in the US, you will be part of that region’s player base and the people you can play against will also be located on that particular region.

If you have friends who play in the EU, or you just want to try your skills against a new player base, you can buy LOL Smurf account that is located in the EU and start playing there.

While Riot Games does allow for region switches, you will have to pay to do so, around $20. Plus, if you want to go back to your original region or yet another region, you will need to pay again. So you are paying every time you switch.

If you buy a Smurf account in a particular region, you just pay once, to buy that League account. Then, if you want to switch, you just switch between the accounts. So, basically, after the initial payment, you can switch regions around as much as you like for free.