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What To Do If Your Employee Time Clock App Isn’t Providing Results

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You may have seen a trend emerging in businesses and have hopped on the bandwagon of using an employee time clock app. One of the greatest things about this software is that it is new, competitive, and there are many versions. That being said, you have to look at all of the programs available to get the best software for your company. 

If you’ve already implemented one of these systems and have seen little to no results, then it may be time to consider a system with different features. These are unique tools that can promote business growth and lessen the stress of running a business, so it’s imperative to find the best employee time clock app to meet your business needs. 

How To Know If Your Time Clock App Is Working

If you’ve implemented an employee time clock app and are having trouble determining if it’s working to your benefit, there are a few essential questions to ask:

  • Has the software reduced time spent on administrative tasks? One significant reason for using a time and attendance app is to minimize the need for managerial or administrative oversight. If your managers continually have to make manual adjustments to employees’ time, it’s likely not an effective system.
  • Is payroll easier to process? Many modern employee time tracking solutions come with the ability to integrate with payroll providers. These integrations make processing payroll more accurate and streamlined. If you’re running into more errors than without the software when processing payroll, then you probably need a more efficient system.
  • Do employees like using the time clock app? If a timekeeper app is challenging to use or has an unfriendly interface, employees are less likely to adopt it and use it as intended. If employees are frequently confused about the time tracking process or are coming to you with questions, it might be time to look at other solutions.

This isn’t an exhaustive list – you need to determine what metrics you should be meeting with your employee time clock app and check to ensure those metrics are being met. If not, it’s likely a sign that you need to consider a different time tracking vendor. 

What Type Of Features To Look For

Choosing an employee time clock app can be challenging – especially when there are so many different options available. With that being said, here are some core features that you should look for in a new time tracking system.

Online Time Tracking

Most systems will provide online capabilities; it is one of the most essential features of modern time clock software. With this feature, you and your employees can access the system from any internet-connected device. This provides your company with the flexibility to track time under several different circumstances. With more employees working remotely than ever, online time tracking capabilities are a must. 

Scheduling In Advance 

Scheduling is a challenging process for any business, but with an employee time clock app, you can more efficiently craft schedules based on needs and employee preferences. Schedules can also be published weeks or even months in advance, giving your employees an ample amount of time to prepare for their shift.

Payroll Integrations

Processing payroll manually is not only time-consuming but often inefficient. Manual calculations can lead to inaccurate paychecks, which can significantly impact employee morale and overall job satisfaction. By choosing online time clock software that comes equipped with payroll integrations, you’ll find payroll is incredibly accurate and more streamlined.

Project Management

Not all systems are created equal, and not all will track projects that are going on within your business. If you’re a business that heavily relies on project tracking or job costing, then a solution that can track this information is essential. Luckily, most employee time clock apps come with job tracking capabilities. They often provide reports that allow you to break time down per job so you can ensure everyone is working at the correct pace and you’re within your allotted project budget.

GPS Tracking

While GPS tracking is included in most modern time clock solutions, the way GPS details are captured varies. Some solutions will only capture an employee’s location when punching in or out, while others will continuously track employees while punched in. If you have employees who are out on the road or working remotely, then investing in a system that captures GPS information is a must.

If you are not seeing results with your current employee time clock app, you may have invested in the wrong system. It is imperative to look at all features and understand what you need as a business owner. Once you determine your requirements and find a solution to meet them, you will surely see the results you want in no time!

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