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What Time Does The Mail Come? – Important For You

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The postman does an encore: Mails or letters in the morning and parcels at home in the afternoon.The postman rings in the afternoon. He has a PDA, and instead of the bike and the leather shoulder bag from Troisi’s film, he drives an electric van. The revolution in-home delivery has begun in recent weeks and will involve the whole city. Poste Italiane has wholly revised the model of its distribution network, an operation that aims at eCommerce. Everyone has a question that is what time does the mail come? In this context, we are trying to answer this question. If you are finding the best answer to this matter, then you are in the right place. Without further discussion right now, let’s discover together.

What time does the mail come in this month?

Before knowing the matter, let’s clear some point that is necessary for us. Let’s have a look.



#1 The bet: 

Parcels’ delivery is the sector on which the post office is betting, increasing in the face of the collapse of the “old” correspondence. Suffice it to say that in 2017 in Italy, 3 billion letters were delivered, with a decrease of more than 50 percent since 2008. A trend that will not stop, while in 2017 the parcels per capita sent to Italy were two, much less of the 40 of a “mature” market like Germany: here the growth forecast is 20% for the next few years, and it is a market that is tempting to many operators in the delivery sector.

This is why the six distribution centers that Poste has in the city are adopting the new model of two-shift delivery. In the morning, the “traditional” postman, who brings letters, registered letters, newspapers. In the afternoon until 19.45 and on Saturdays from the morning until 14, the postman delivers packages; for example, the latest shoes bought online.

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#2 Flexible hours

“There are already those who, among our postmen, have encountered distrust – explains Franco Scapin, representative of the Post Office for the North West -. Some citizens, incredulous to hear the postman on the intercom in the afternoon, wanted to call the police.

The timetable’s flexibility to meet changing needs and habits is one of the cornerstones of the revolution that sees parcels and packages take over. “We have started testing for deliveries on Sundays and holidays, for example, at Christmas. The agreement with the unions provides that evaluations can be made in this sense,” says Scapin. He adds: “For now we do not make the agreed deliveries at the time chosen by the customer, except for some services such as documents, but the digital infrastructure to take that step is already there”.

What is the debut?


For now, concretely, the novelty of late afternoon deliveries has made its debut at the distribution center via Monteverdi, which covers the Vanchiglia neighborhoods, center, part of the hill up to Superga. On May 21st, it was the turn of Falchera, Regio Parco, and Barriera di Milano, on June 4th of Mirafiori, Santa Rita and San Salvario and covered the whole city by July 2nd.


What time does the mail come in this baseline? – Not any reason


The first, the “baseline,” similar to the current one. It will handle all postal products’ daily delivery in its area of ​​expertise. The second, the “business line“, is specific for parcels. This registered mail is insuring and online commerce products. It will embrace all day, in extended time slots until 7.45 pm and on weekends. So, for written letters and packages, the postman will also pass in the afternoon and Saturday morning. With more significant guarantees of finding the recipient. For letters, newspapers, and bills the tour will remain in the morning.

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The company wanted to renew the mail delivery service to meet Italians’ new needs and habits better. In a phase characterized by a constant decrease in traditional mail volumes. At the same time, by a significant increase in shipments. of parcels. Magnoni explained, manager of operational management in Lombardy.  It is a novelty that we like to tell – he adds – also to reassure customers.” A reorganization that took place also in light of citizens’ difficulties and delays in the past months. From Monday, the usual afternoon delivery will also be added to the regular morning round: from Monday to Friday they will be made until 7.45 pm, while on Saturday morning the packages will be delivered from 8 to 14.

What is the opinion of AGCM?


In the opinion of the AGCM,  misleadingly advertised the delivery service for registered mail. As it is not caring out in the times and with the certainty emphasizing in the advertising messages. Poste Italiane operators, in fact, very often leave, for their convenience. The notice of the registered letter in the mailbox even when it would have been possible to deliver the registered letter in the recipient’s hands.

According to the AGCM, the complaints of consumers who reported the failed attempt to provide written letters innumerable and coincide. In many cases, even when there a reasonable certainty that the recipient of the registered letter is present at home. Such as during the lockdown due to the coronavirus emergency or in the case of disabled people). For the AGCM, this disservice caused customers “an unacceptable burden”, forcing them to waste time and money to collect the registered mail that had not been delivered as expected.

Final word on what time does the mail come

If you are not a regular user of getting mail, it is definitely an important question. If you have any further asked on what time does the mail come?  Please leaving a comment. Thanks for reading.