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What Soccer Teams Are Already Disappointing In 2021

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2021 has literally just started! It doesn’t seem like very much time has gone by at all. That’s because it hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean enough time hasn’t gone by for some soccer teams to already start disappointing in 2021. Needless to say, 2020 was an entire disappointment because of COVID, but fans sure hope 2021 doesn’t follow in similar footsteps. Now that things are back to semi-normal, fans from all around are hoping that the teams and players will get back to normal as well. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like it is going to be the case at all. Here are some of the teams that already got fans and dedicated supporters down in 2021.

Real Madrid

If you’re a Merengues’ fan, you likely already know that their problems didn’t just start in 2021. Unfortunately, it seems like those problems are being carried over. Fans were hoping they’d get left behind with COVID in 2021. Well, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case at all. Since the beginning of last year, it was more than clear that the club was not on the same level. The coaches weren’t on par with the players. The players weren’t on par with the trainers. Heck, the goalies weren’t on par with the offense. It’s safe to say that no one was on the same page and it seems that the pattern is continuing.

Cristian Ronaldo’s departure doesn’t help matters either. The club is only ranked four with 20 current points, but what makes matters even worse is, their number one rival, Atletico, is ranked right at the top of the charts. Things could have always been worse for the club, but they did play fairly well in the last matchday of the Champions League and were able to qualify.


Catalan fans are also dealing with problems that seem to be carrying over from the previous year. Their biggest slap in the face was when they lost that match to Bayern Munich in the Champions League. What made the game even worse was, they almost lost Lionel Messi during this game, even though he is already obligated to stay. There is some upside for the fans and the club as the team has qualified to the knockout stage of the Champions League.

Being ranked in 9th place with just 10 current points, it doesn’t look like things are on the right track for the club. Once again, there is an upside. Barcelona has only played 10 games, whereas a lot of other teams in the league have played 12 games. They have two games to turn into a win, and if they do so, things might not look so bleak. That being said, the team ranked at the top of the charts in the division also only have 10 games under their belt. Maybe Atletico Madrid will lose their next two games and give Barcelona fans something to wake up for in the morning.

Manchester City

Anything that followed along with Manchester City last year and placed bets on them with quality online gambling sites like situs judi online likely had high hopes for the team this year. And, considering that they were at the top of the charts before the end of last year, you’d think the club had their stuff together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s the case at all. Things are off to a terrible start for the club. After 10 long matches, the club has only managed to garner 18 points putting them in eighth place. They are currently six points behind Tottenham and Liverpool.

Both Tottenham and Liverpool have 24 points. That’s near twice as much as Manchester!


If you thought things were bad for the fans of the above teams, you haven’t seen anything yet. Arsenal is just in a terrible place and keeps digging themselves deeper in! The team, who doesn’t have any games left to improve, are ranked in 15th place right and nearest to the relegation zone. After 11 long matches, the Gunners were only able to rack up 13 points. They’ve already lost six matches and won just four. The only thing that’s really holding up fan’s hope is that they finished in first place in their division in the Europa League. You’d think this would mean good things.