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What Services Does Go Look Up Offer?

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Have you ever had a random phone number call you during dinner? Are you unsure about your friend’s new partner? You could fall down a search engine wormhole all by yourself, or you can have the help of GoLookUp to get you the vital information that you’re seeking. Whether it’s finding a long-lost loved one or scouting out your neighborhood, there are plenty of services that GoLookUp can help the average citizen accomplish in no time at all.


Reverse Phone Lookup

If there’s a phone number that keeps calling you and you just don’t recognize it, Go Look Up has the right tools for you. A reverse phone lookup search helps users track down the caller, getting their first name and last name, as well as additional information that can tell them more about the person. All you have to do is enter the digits of the phone number and the area code. This will allow users to scan a complete database, including national phone records, to pull a report on the owner of those ten digits.

With tons of accurate information at your disposal. GoLookUp offers up confidential access for you to conduct your own due diligence. A reverse phone lookup service tracks down those mystery callers, putting an end to harassment brought on by telemarketers or someone who is simply trying to make a prank call at the worst possible time. You’ll also be able to track down the caller’s ZIP code, demographic data, and the name of their carrier across the U.S. GoLookUp even helps you track down those callers who have decided to go unlisted in the white pages.

Person Search

Finding people online has become easier than ever. While you may want to rely on social media to track down a long-lost family member or past partner, GoLookUp can expand your search beyond the confines of Facebook and Instagram. Through their person search tools, users can effectively get a background check on a person. This comes in handy for users who are trying to verify the identity of a roommate before having them settle into their new space or a coworker who is assisting you on current projects.

GoLookUp’s person search gets you contact information on that long-lost relative you haven’t spoken to in 20 years, from their most recent phone number to the last known address. You may even be able to link to their social media accounts or obtain an email address to make sending a message easier than that awkward first phone call. With millions of documents in their data files, you’ll have assurance that you’re receiving accurate information that is up to date.

Criminal Records

When combing through these sensitive public records, it must be done with the utmost care. GoLookUp offers these services to provide users peace of mind. It’s not meant to be a tool to harass others, steal identities, or engage in any other illicit activities. Users are able to track down arrest records across all jurisdictions in the United States to stay aware of any past criminal behavior that a new neighbor or new person in their life may have engaged in.

Through these arrest records, you may be able to track down a mugshot from that arrest or learn about their past charges within that jurisdiction. Within those background checks, you may be able to determine if that person is on the national registry for sex offenders, something that should be cause for alarm if you and your family are settling into a new neighborhood. GoLookUp has a lot to offer its users, but remember to use this personal information responsibly and for the safety and well-being of you and your community.