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What Makes You Beautiful Lyrics In This Year

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A selection of Italian and foreign songs with the best love lyrics. Classic winds and not to declare oneself to the partner, but also to investigate texts that analyze the different meanings of the word love. The music landscape has given us an enormous heritage of songs, which could feed our devices and our ears for years and years, but could you make a list of the twenty songs with the most beautiful declarations of love in history? What makes you beautiful lyrics? Without any research here, let’s get started.


Getting knows: What makes you beautiful lyrics?

We tried it, going through over sixty years of music. We have navigated, listened to, listened again, read, reread, wrote and deleted, thought and rethought until we arrived at these titles. What happens is not expected to be a ranking, but the choice of representative pieces that tell different types of love. Yes, because there is not just one type of love, but many: love for a partner, love for a child, love for life and nature, for what surrounds us, even love for ourselves.



Then there is a whole sector of songs dedicated to lost love, to that feeling of awareness mixed with nostalgia that perhaps we have all felt, the regret, the acceptance and tenderness after an important story, the understanding of a loss.

What makes you beautiful lyrics? – Top 5 sad collection

Here are the top 5 sad collections for this year.

#1 The Song of Lost Love – Fabrizio De André (1967)

Let’s start with a thoroughbred, with a crazy horse from our history: De André. This piece is among the great classics, one of the most famous Italian ballads dedicated to the end of love. De André uses the metaphor of flowers to tell the narrative time of a love story, from the blooming of the violets to the withering of the roses, underlining what will remain: some listless caresses and a little tenderness.

#2 Patrizia – Eugenio Finardi (1981)

We could have cited several “Bibles” of our musical panorama, from Tenco to Battisti, from Gino Paoli to Dalla, through Mia Martini and Patty Pravo. Still, there is an artist who did not have the same regard, despite being a great word: Eugenio Finardi.

Patrizia is a song taken from the singer’s sixth album, a soft declaration of love written on light music and dedicated to a woman who is loving like this, only for who she is.


8D sad song lyrics


#3 The Cure – Franco Battiato (1996)

Among the deeper meanings of love, perhaps there is taking care of someone. Taking care of the extraordinary through the ordinary, with the presence, the small gestures, the everyday. Battiato plays with words, creating deep sounds, which do not need explicit rhymes, just a few assonances and some rhetorical figure to immerse himself in a world that, yesterday as today, completely envelops. It is not a mantra or a prayer, but rather something very earthly that caresses the very essence of love.

#4 rsali – Samuele Bersani (1997)

Let’s not ignore that in this article, we are talking about texts, and it is Bersani’s texts that are striking.

To those who do not believe that songwriters can also be poets, he answers, especially with Universal Judgments. The song an x-ray of a story that ended badly, analyzed with the need to find oneself and the love for one’s freedom. When a love compels, perhaps it not loved.

#5 Stormi – Iosonouncane (2015)

We arrive at something more particular, less conventional, newer and less known. Iosonouncan. A Sardinian singer-songwriter born in 1983. It transplanted into the musical and social fervor of Bologna. Who amazed by the inspiration of his lyrics and the arrhythmia.

Stormi is a piece from a couple of years ago, apparently focusing on nature, which slides over a woman’s body to fall on its shore. A too delicate simile to speak of love in other words.

Top 3 romantic 

Here are the top three romantic lyrics.

#6 Sound Of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

Therefore  Let’s start the list of foreign songs with a well-known but very untraditional piece, especially when combined with love. We will not go into too many explanations, and we will let you immerse yourself in poetry because there is too much prose in actuality. There is only one reason for this choice: when silence is a barrier and becomes a lack of communication between people, there can be no real human relationships. Therefore  And just one curiosity: it said that the text written in six months, one sentence a day.

#7 I’ll Be Your Mirror – Velvet Underground (1966)

Therefore  Lou Reed, controversial musician and poet who passed away in 2013. It gave us what every woman would like to hear. Often we don’t see personally as others perceive us. We have a metaphorical mirror that deforms us. But learning to look at ourselves with the eyes of love could help our self-esteem immensely.

#8 Creep – Radiohead (1993)

Therefore  Many of you will know Vasco Rossi’s version, At Every Cost. But Creep is undoubtedly an inevitable song in our playlists. How many times have we felt inadequate? How to cope with the feeling of not enough? Therefore  Also check out the video, featuring an exceptional Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The final verdict 


Therefore If there is a purpose in the life of all of us, it is surely closely linked in its foundation to happiness. This very fulfilling state of mind is the basis of all our dreams and desires. For many, it is equivalent to something unattainable; for others, it does not exist, if not for small moments of our existence. Therefore  Here is a choice of the most beautiful phrases about happiness that will help us understand its more profound meaning and that maybe they can put us in the right way to get to ours. Discover them!