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What Makes Mobile Gaming Such A Popular Platform?

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The mobile gaming industry is becoming one of the largest gaming sectors on the market. It has grown more popular than the more traditional PC and console platforms. Global statistics show that in 2020, there were over 2.4 billion mobile gamers worldwide, and this figure will surpass the three million mark by the end of 2022. It is estimated that the global gaming industry will be worth $165 billion, making up 51% of the entire gaming market.

Of the total mobile gamers population, 50% are over the age of 34, and most of these are women. Over 50% of all mobile gamers play more than ten times a week on average.

A large portion of mobile gaming is in the online casino and betting industry as more software developers are making games compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market.

It is now easier to log onto the internet off your phone and pick your favourite mobile casino.



The Drive To Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have become an extension of the human body, and everywhere we go, we will have our phones with us. Smartphones are being created to be more functional than laptops and PCs, which they are achieving with everyday advancements in technology. Everything your laptop and PC can do, your phone has been designed to do better. 

You can access the internet, make online payments with banking apps or off your web browser, and smartphones are being made with battery packs that last longer. This gives you more time for gaming on your phone.

Casinos started making their services available online in the late 1990s, and these were only available on laptop and PC browsers. Now casinos have joined the online mobile gaming trend and are making their sites accessible to all smartphone operating systems. You can either download a mobile application of the online casino, or you can use your phone’s browser to access the casino’s services. This has increased the popularity of online and mobile gambling.


Internet Connectivity

Making casino games more compatible with smartphones is just the tip of the iceberg. A smartphone is no good if the internet connection is poor. Therefore, there has been a lot of work done by internet network providers to increase internet accessibility to smartphone users.

Internet speeds are now much faster thanks to the development of 4G and 5G connections. With these, you no longer have to wait minutes for your gaming site to load, which is an advantage for those who like to play live casino games.

You can take part in an online poker tournament off your phone, provided you have a good internet connection.



Mobile games are much cheaper than console and PC games. You will spend upwards of $50 for the latest game on other platforms, whilst mobile games cost less than that.

There are a lot of mobile games that can be downloaded off Google Play and the Apple Store for free. The less expensive option will always be the more popular option, and this is the theme with mobile games.


Adding Social Gaming

In the past, gaming had always been a solitary concept. This has changed as mobile gaming has added features that make it possible to interact with other users. Mobile gaming can be integrated with different social media platforms. These allow you to ask for help when stuck on a certain level or when you run out of lives.

There are also leader boards that show how your friends are doing and increase the competitiveness of games. Being able to climb up on leaderboards makes mobile gaming more addictive. You can challenge your friends or participate in a tournament against strangers from all over the world. That will suit many players who enjoy live poker games and many other live casino table games. Mobile gaming makes it easier to build on community play.


Virtual Reality

Mobile gaming embraces technology, which is why it will continue its upward growth trend. There will always be something new in the gaming industry because software developers continue to find ways to make gaming better for all.

One such way is with virtual reality (VR). It adds a new and exciting experience to gaming as it makes use of more of your senses. PC and gaming consoles have VR features, and you can connect your goggles to your console to play. Mobile phones also have this feature, but VR is easier to use on your phone because you are not restricted to one area where your PC or console is located.

If you want, you can play outside in the garden, provided there is nothing you will run into that could hinder your play. Mobile phones are continuously developed with the latest technology, making them more adaptable to the fast-paced gaming industry. 



Mobile gaming has grown over the past decade, and its growth has accelerated over the past three years, thanks to progress made in smartphone technology and internet connection.

The demography of players has changed, and there are more older players who are spending more time on their phones playing different online and mobile games.