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What Is The Best 7 Seater Car In 2021?

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The large bulk of cars on the market offer the possibility to travel with five passengers on board but, more often than not, only for short urban or extra-urban trips (due to the limited space). Few models have the advantage and the luxury of traveling comfortably with all seats occupied, and, in the case of huge families, it is also convenient to have a third row of seats. Like city cars, which have a fair share of customers for their compact size and agility in traffic, 7-seater vehicles are also a significant segment to have in the range. From this content, you will know which is the best 7 seater car? Let’s understand the details.

Getting know: which is the best 7 seater car?

But why buy a 7-seater car? In many cases, being able to seat two more passengers on board can be an essential requirement for an extended family unit. But we must not forget that 7 seats are synonymous with spaciousness, comfort, and large dimensions. Those who love to travel without limits can also seek these characteristics and enjoy traveling on four wheels comfortably. Below we have selected the best 2021 – 7-seater cars available on the market.



Dacia Lodgy – best 7 seater car

The Dacia Lodgy has been available since 2012. Even if there has been no significant news on an aesthetic level, it still manages to be distinguished by the volume/price ratio. It is a real minivan with 7 seats as standard: the two in the third row fold up so that five can travel with a boot capacity of 827 liters (when fully loaded, it drops to 207 liters). The basic version has an attack price of 13,900 euros and is equipped with a 95 hp Blue DCi diesel engine and a six-speed manual gearbox.

Fiat 500L Wagon – best 7 seater car

Fiat has thought of a 500L for large families: and here is the Wagon version, which boasts 7 seats in just 4.38 m in length. We can define it as 5 + 2 seats, as the third-row seats are slightly reduced and comfortable for a younger audience. In any case, the Fiat 500L Wagon manages to offer maximum comfort in the smallest space. The price starts at 19,550 euros with a 95 bhp FireFly petrol engine, while for the 95 bhp 1.3 diesel it rises to 22,050 euros.

Ford S-Max

In its second generation, the American minivan is on the market since 2016: the Ford S-Max is a 7-seater in the premium range and can be seen from the first glance. The look is refined, and the line slender: besides, the third row is paid for as an option. The interiors are very spacious (also thanks to the length of 4.79 m), and there are all the comforts on board. The price starts at 39,350 euros with a 2.0-liter EcoBlue 150 hp diesel engine, but Ford reserves exciting offers to save money.

Opel Zafira Life – best 7 seater car

The German company’s legendary minivan no longer exists, or rather: it is no longer the classic 7-seater car. After the merger of Opel with the PSA Group, the Zafira called Zafira Life and has turned into a real van. Available in three sizes, from 4.60 m to 5.30 m, with approval from 5 to 9 seats. The shapes and dimensions have made it possible to increase the load capacity and comfort onboard. Which is at the top of the category. The price starts at 31,650 euros with a 1.5D 100 HP S&S diesel engine.

Peugeot 5008

With the second generation, presented in 2017. The Peugeot 5008 has transformed itself into a maxi SUV with a futuristic design. Angular lines and technological interiors are the watchwords of this model. Which can accommodate up to 7 passengers in its 4.64 m length. Third-row seats included as standard. Which pulled out and folded down as needed. The Peugeot 5008 starts at 29,830 euros and offers various petrol or diesel engines: the hybrid is not available.

Peugeot Rifter

Therefore  Based on the EMP2 platform, shared with other PSA Group models. The Peugeot Rifter makes room for its updated look and cutting-edge content. It sits halfway between a minivan and a minivan. This is given the square lines, and comes in two lengths: 4.40 m and 4.75 m. The 7-seater version also offers adequate space for passengers in the back row. There are arrangements to make it a real traveler. The starting price is low: 22,000 euros.

Skoda Kodiaq

Therefore  The Skoda Kodiaq is the flagship of the SUV range of the Czech house starting from 2017. The style is unmistakably Skoda. They are like the other models of the brand. It is among the reference cars with the best quality/price ratio. Therefore  The length is 4.70 m, and the tonnage is to the full advantage of the space on board. The 7 seats are also available on the 239 HP RS and 4×4 drive for sportier fathers. The attack price of the Ambition set-up is 29,200 euros.

Ford Grand C-Max / C-Max 7 – best 7 seater car

Therefore Ford Grand C-Max / C-Max 7 (new from 23,650 euros) – an excellent compromise capable of offering the best of its category, 7 rear seats, and a reasonable price, with reliable and well-conceived mechanics, perfect for those who love to drive and prefers sporty-looking cars. As you have seen, all the cars in the standings have in everyday “low” prices and large interior spaces. Therefore  Some offer four-wheel drive, and some have gone out of production.