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What is chase betting with advantages and disadvantages?

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The number of sports betting fans is constantly growing. All major bookmakers have already formed a fairly extensive client base, which is replenished daily. At the same time, most bettors fail much more often than win. If you want to become one of those who still manage to beat the bookmakers, you need to carefully analyze the matches and stick to a certain strategy. One of the most popular is called the chase betting system. In this article, will tell you what chase betting is and what advantages and disadvantages it has.

The chase betting system principle

You don’t need to be a professional to win with this strategy. It is enough to have a fairly large budget and be able to select suitable events for bets using analysis.

Pay attention to offers with odds higher than 2.00. In case of victory, the size of the next bet does not change, in case of defeat, the amount is doubled. So in case of a successful outcome, you will return the money you lost earlier and make a profit. You will have to bet before success. If you do not have enough funds for the next step or the bookmaker’s limits limit the amount, you can suffer quite tangible losses.

The chase system is considered to be one of the most effective strategies. But only on the condition that you have a good understanding of the principle of its operation and can correctly determine priorities. Choose one event and the outcome (for example, the victory of Bayern with a goal difference of -2.5), but increase the amount of the bet. So, for the games of Munich in the German championship, the amount should increase with each round. As a result, after 10 bets you will be in the black, as, according to statistics, Bayern wins with a goal difference of more than 2.5 in 7 out of 10.

When the chase betting strategy is applied

Most often, people chase bets on totals. Here it is quite possible to use the principle of 50 to 50, even or odd total. In casinos, bets on black or red are just as successful.

Also, chase betting fans like high odds. Of course, the probability that the bet will win is lower, but the profit in case of a victory will more than compensate for all expenses and will allow you to be in the black. The most common bet is a draw, the number of sent offs and penalties assigned in soccer matches.

If we dwell on sports in more detail, then let’s say that chase betting will be most appropriate in soccer (bookmakers often offer the highest limits on it, so the bettor will have a large financial space to increase the amount of bets). NBA, NHL and tennis are also popular. In the latter case, they chase bets against a certain favorite athlete, if, according to predictions, he should give up soon. High odds for such an outcome allow you to stay in the game for a long time but are not a guarantee of success over a long distance.

The chase betting can be used not only in wagering on the results of a certain club, athlete or tournament. You can cover your own mistakes by increasing the bet each time, taking into account the odds, until the series of failures end.

Pros and cons of the strategy

To understand if the chase strategy is right for you, read about its advantages and disadvantages:

+ An indisputable advantage is that when using the method, the influence of excitement and emotions is minimized. Even a person who is inclined to place bets under the influence of momentary impulses will not make mistakes if he strictly adheres to the rules of strategy. Usually, having succumbed to the disappointment of losing, players place large bets or go all-in and lose everything. But if you use the chase system, you simply won’t be able to do this, because you will be able to make a bet only in a few days, in the next round.

+ Even if there is a series of losses of 3 or 5 defeats, after 1 or 2 bets it will be possible to win back the losses and even get a profit.

– One of the main disadvantages is uncertainty. You can never say exactly how many bets will have to be made to cover the amount of losing bets. In this case, it will simply not be possible to stop. You must chase to the end so as not to be at a loss.

– You will need a fairly large bank to have the funds to increase the bet amount. Not all bettors can calculate exactly how much money will be needed. Also, the bookmaker’s limit can hinder the completion of the case, so we recommend choosing companies without strict restrictions on the amount of bets.