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What Does it Take to Be a Professional Gambler?


Casino gaming, online or not, has always been seen as a form of hobby or a great way to kill some time off. Many people would play casino games because they are bored or they just really have the money to spend on it. Some would only gamble in cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City because it is a tourist activity.

Now, have you ever wondered whether this can be something that could bring you great income? Gambling has always been fun and exciting, but can it be more than a hobby? The answer to that is a straight YES!

While many only see gambling as a form of having fun, there are a few people out there who heavily rely on this to make a living. For them, their Betwinner registration isn’t just to add some fun to how they follow and watch sports. It’s simply their way to make more money.

You’re probably thinking that anyone can turn gambling into a career. It could be true to a certain extent. If this is something you’re after, you need to know that it’s not just all about gambling or placing bets on a daily or weekly basis.

To be considered a professional gambler, at least 60 percent of your income should come from this activity. However, that should also mean that you can support your basic needs from the money you’re getting from gambling.

This means that you should be able to pay for your rent, utility bills, buy food, clothes, and support your lifestyle with gambling. Yes, you can still have another source of income. In fact, that is advisable because what’s true is that gambling is a risky career. You should have a back-up plan in case you don’t succeed in it.

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Okay, so you’re probably already intrigued and excited about turning gambling into a career. Don’t rush it, however. There still are a few things that you should know. You may have seen plenty of movies that inspired you to be a professional gambler, but one of the first few steps in getting rid of those movies in your thoughts. It’s rarely like the movies, we assure you that.

You need to start fresh and inspired. There are quite many ways for you to earn money from gambling. You need to choose which way you’re most comfortable in and capable of. You can be a poker player, a card counter, a value bettor, or a matched bettor.

Here are two of the most common ways to earn money by gambling.

Playing Poker and Other Table Games

It’s all about poker if this is what you choose. You’ll basically play poker a lot and so it’s important that you know how the game works and that you come up with your own strategies. Playing poker is not all about luck. It’s important that you have the skills to be able to control the result of the game.

The truth about playing poker is that it’s not all about becoming a better competitor. It’s about understanding how much you’ll make in playing. What’s hard to be able to cover the rake. This is the commission that casinos take from each hand.

As a career, you can also start competing in tournaments. It takes time and a lot of skills, but most of the time, the prize in such tournaments are worth it. There are still other table games that you can play professionally. You can choose Blackjack or Baccarat. It’s really up to you. Go for the game that you know a lot about.

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Sports Betting

This is the go-to of many who’d really like to earn good money when it comes to gambling. It’s all about strategies and analysis. Sure, it can be hard to predict the outcome of many sports events, but this is easier to understand and it doesn’t rely on pure luck.

Some of the popular professional sports bettors out there are Jaromir Jagr, Pete Rose, and celebrity rapper 50 Cent. These people make a lot of money by betting on sports.

Betting professionally should be taken seriously You shouldn’t just rely on your gut and you shouldn’t wager on athletes or teams just because they are the favorites. It’s important that you follow the sports you’re wagering on and that you’re updated on the latest news about them.

Whatever it is that you find out, always think of how this could affect the game. Track your betting progress and identify what went wrong with the bets that you placed and what you did right whenever you win. Again, this requires heavy analysis. When taken seriously, you can make a lot of money from sports betting.

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