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What does a personal injury lawyer do in case of an occupational accident

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Suppose you work with computers or make games for your profession. And then you get an accident during work. What happens if you can no longer do your job as a game developer? Or you can no longer play games in your spare time while this is your favorite hobby? Our lawyer for personal injuries explains it to you in this contribution.

An occupational accident, what now?

We speak of an occupational accident (in Dutch: bedrijfsongeval) if you have suffered an accident during work and were injured as a result. Think of a fall over a slippery floor, a fall from a scaffold, or an injury due to an unsafe machine

An occupational accident can have major consequences. For example, you can become incapacitated for work and incur costs such as medical costs and travel costs. But also care costs and costs for a stay in hospital are costs that occur in an occupational accident.

Personal injury is a result of an occupational accident. It consists of material damage such as loss of income and compensation. This is compensation for the pain one may suffer as a result of the accident, the grief as a result of the accident and it is compensation for any disfiguring scars.

Help from a lawyer for personal injuries.

After an occupational accident, it is wise to hire a personal injury lawyer (in Dutch: letselschade advocaat) as soon as possible. This holds the employer liable for the consequences of the accident. He then estimates your damage and drafts a claim statement. That way you know exactly what you are entitled to.

Together with your lawyer for personal injuries, you discuss the consequences of the accident at work for you. If you develop games, your personal injury lawyer will work with you to see what the injury means for your work. For example, if there is a hand injury, you may no longer be able to perform your work. Together with an occupational health expert, it is then examined which activities you can still perform. Is there a loss of income as a result of the accident? Then your lawyer for personal injuries will calculate and recover the loss for you.

What damage is compensated? All damage you suffer as a result of the accident will be compensated. In the case of personal injury, a distinction is made between material damage and immaterial damage. Material damage is all costs you incur and damage you suffer. Immaterial damage is compensation for the pain and grief you suffer as a result of the occupational accident. For example, because you can no longer practice your hobby of gaming for a short or long time.

What does a personal injury lawyer do in case of an occupational accident? A personal injury lawyer holds the employer liable for you. After the liability has been acknowledged, he or she will make a balance of your personal injury and draws up a damaging statement. This contains all damage items that are relevant to your situation. For example, loss of income, but also costs that are necessary to make it possible for you to continue to play games despite your injury. 

Finally, the personal injury lawyer negotiates with the insurer of the liable party and recovers your personal injury. The agreements made will be included in a settlement agreement. This states, among other things, the amount of damage and which damage items your personal injury consists of.