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What Can You Find out in Poker Podcasts 2021?

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Blogging has always taken varied forms since way back, with the recent surge in vlogging ushering a renewed interest in content consumption. One type of blogging that has also benefited from the hype around vlogging has been “audioblogging”, also known as a podcast. Now everybody is jumping on the train to either create content or just have a good time learning something from them. The good thing about podcasts especially for content creators is that it offers an easier route for them to reach out to the audience. While for listeners, they are easily accessible, can be listened to on the go, and are fun too. Moreover, podcasts can be easily created to focus on one topic, and listeners can just tune in on various episodes as they progress. There are a few online podcasts for casino players that help with the latest news or tips on how to win big playing poker games. If you are looking for where to try out your hands on some other types of casino games, you can try Madame Destiny megaways demo games which are free to play. Meanwhile, in case you haven’t caught up with the hype, and you are wondering, what’s with the hype? Or you just want to have an idea on the best types of poker podcasts to go with, then stick around to find out. 


DAT Poker Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan, and Daniel Negreanu and takes its name from the first letter of each host’s first name. The podcast just hosted its 100 episodes and features poker news, exclusive interview, and strategic content. The show also does something that is not peculiar to other poker podcasts by allowing the audience to call in and ask questions that would be answered on air. Being a podcast hosted by some of the best poker minds in the world, you can be sure of the quality every single minute that the trio is on air. 

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Thinking poker podcast

If you are looking for a podcast that actually makes you play out strategies in your head while listening, this podcast is just what you are looking for. With over 350 episodes under its belt, this is one of the most consistent poker podcasts available. Co-hosted weekly by Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis and featured in-depth interviews with some of the best poker players from across the globe. It also covers exclusive behind-the-scenes content of what poker players do before huge tournaments and just regular lifestyles. 

The Rake – Run it Once Poker

The first female main host poker podcast on this list is hosted by Jamie Kerstetter as she dives into the world of a male-dominated poker circus. She’s usually joined on the weekly show by Ben Wilinofsky as they dissect some of the most complex poker strategies the game has to offer. Run it Once Poker, the podcast is sponsored, and as such, there are regular visits from Phil Galfond and other superb poker coaches from the poker site. For players with the poker company, they get exclusive passes to freebies on the show and other benefits. Aside from all these, the podcast also features a combination of trending news, and other side talks to keep things fresh and engaging. 

Poker in the ears 

With over 200 weekly episodes under its belt, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton the hosts of PokerStars TV  bring the noise all around poker worldwide to the ears of their listeners. Being veterans of the game of poker themselves, they bring to the fore their experiences of being part of international poker championships as well as special guests to talk about the most trending topics and game strategies. With known poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Kade, and Lex Veldhuis regularly tuning in on the podcast, listeners can be assured of the very best when it comes to talks on poker. In addition, they also host competitions that give the audience exclusive invitations to the biggest PokerStars event each year. 

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Poker on the Mind Podcast

So if we have got poker in the ears, why don’t we have one for the mind? This show is hosted by a psychology professor (Dr. Tricia Gardner) who’s also a poker player, and Gareth James. It has been running since 2017 and seeks to tackle the game from a more psychological perspective. What you would get here is a mix of real-life events as Tricia links them with playing the poker game and the deep insights that James brings as a poker coach. If you are looking for a poker podcast that is more than just trending news and board strategies then this would definitely be your best bet. As the two hosts take you through a journey of poker playing up as it relates to the human psyche. 

The Fives

It’s time to give the fans of poker a podcast that they can call their own. The Fives is hosted by 

Poker experts Donnie Peters and Lance Bradley discuss topics that the fans and poker enthusiasts are eager to get answers to. Every week, poker fans are taken through behind-the-scenes updates of some of the biggest world poker tournaments, as well as the juiciest topics from the tournaments themselves. They also review upcoming events as well as the latest updates on poker stories. 


Podcasts are finally getting the recognition they deserve, as they are different podcast niches with other types of content. For poker players interested in the latest news, strategic insights, upcoming tournaments, or anything poker in this list, we have talked about some of the best poker podcasts available. One sure thing is that poker players would be getting the very best when it comes to content, as most of the poker podcasts are hosted by an industry veteran trying to help new players gain ground in Poker games.