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What Can You Do To Get Free Money?

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The web and smartphone app stores have numerous ways for you to make free money. However, the stigma attached to free money often leads to people not actively searching for such opportunities. Free money essentially allows you to help service make money without putting in a lot of effort and receive a reward in return.

More and more people are looking for ways to make additional income and with good reason. We will take you through 3 ways to get free money. All of them require little from you but can add a sizeable amount to your income every month. You can use the following services to begin and then look for other ways to get more free money.


Honeygain – Get Started With Free Money

We begin with Honeygain since this is one of the easiest ways to make money that has ever existed. Honeygain is an application that allows researchers to use your bandwidth to search the internet for data. For this, companies pay Honeygain, and Honeygain shares earned money with you.

All you need to do is to download the app for your computer/phone (you can add multiple devices to increase the money you make) and leave it running in the background. It will not slow down your internet or your device. However, it can get you over $20+/month if you have a good internet connection.

When you compare the effort required to the reward, Honeygain is one of the best apps to get free money on the internet. It also has a robust referral program that rewards you with 10% of the lifetime earnings of all your referrals.

Get an additional $ 5 to your account if you use the promotional link or the “getting5” promo code.

Swagbucks – The Next Step To Getting Free Money

Once you have installed and set up Honeygain, you will not need to do anything else. As such, you may be wondering what you can do when you have a few minutes to increase your earnings further. This is where Swagbucks comes in. Instead of reading the news or playing a game, start using Swagbucks, and you will make a considerable amount of money every month.

Swagbucks will pay you for doing random things on the internet. For example, you can make money by watching a few videos on the web, or you can shop from a specific store and get a reward. Swagbucks has a ton of tasks, and you are bound to find a few that are very easy to complete.

On top of that, Swagbucks also pays you $5 when you sign up for the app. You also make 10% of all lifetime earnings of your referrals, just like Honeygain.

Paribus – Surprise Yourself

After you have set up two income sources, the next step is to make sure that you are not losing out on money. The best way to do this is through Paribus.

Paribus is a network of operators that utilize AI to help you get the best prices on products. The AI scans your inbox(es) for shopping receipts and then keeps a tab on the costs of those products. If the prices drop soon, the operators try to negotiate with the seller and get you a cashback.

Paribus also negotiates with sellers if the shipment arrives late. In some instances, they can get you gift cards and discounts. Of course, Paribus takes a cut from the money that it helps you save. Still, this is an easy way to get free money, and you should utilize their service, especially if you are an avid shopper.

A Brief Comparison

We just looked at three different services that can help you get free money. All of them are entirely different, and you can use them in conjunction with one another. However, here is a brief overview of what they are best for:

  • Honeygain: Best for everyone since it requires no effort on your part.
  • Swagbucks: Best for people who have free time on their hands.
  • Paribus: Best for those who love to order stuff online.

While the apps mentioned above are a great way to start getting free money, they are not the only ones. There are hundreds of websites, apps, and services that can get you free money. Try to regularly search for new income sources and add them to your money-making inventory. Over time, you can make a few hundred dollars of free money every single month!