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What are the primary advantages of installing solar energy station in your house?

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Every hour we get enough solar energy to supply the entire planet for a year. Solar energy is not only a renewable energy (inexhaustible), but also a clean energy that allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. Photovoltaic solar energy station allows the sun’s radiation to be converted into electrical energy. 

Many homeowners have already switched to solar energy. The main reasons are savings in the electricity bill without reducing quality of life and care for the environment, but these are not the only advantages that can be obtained from a photovoltaic solar energy station installation.

Advantages of photovoltaic solar energy

Much has been said about solar energy. Do we know what the advantages of photovoltaic solar energy are? In this article, we explain everything you need to know and the benefits of having a home with self-consumption. Before you contact a professional company to installing solar energy grids in your house or office, let us see the most important advantages of using solar energy.

Clean energy that reduces carbon footprint

The energy of the sun is a clean energy that significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels to produce the electrical energy, we are collaborating in mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

It is a renewable and unlimited energy 

Solar energy is a type of renewable energy, obtained from natural sources that produce energy. Solar energy is considered inexhaustible and unlimited unlike fossil fuels. It is why photovoltaic equipment is highly profitable.

Considerable savings in energy consumption 

Today the electricity bill is one of the most important and most unstable expenses in homes. Efficient photovoltaic equipment allows producing the necessary energy for domestic use. Combining this equipment with the use of batteries will also allow savings of up to 85% on the electricity bill.

Allows you to enjoy self-consumption of energy

The idea of ​​not depending 100% on the electrical network to supply the home’s energy consumption needs has become a great advantage for many. Not only is energy produced that can be used directly in the home, but also it can also be stored thanks to the use of batteries and can be used when there is no sun.

Low maintenance cost and long service life

High-quality solar panels can have a useful life of more than 25 years and require minimal owner maintenance. Thanks to after-sales services that include revisions and technical attention, the photovoltaic equipment can be maintained with the same performance as the first day.

Silent equipment

Photovoltaic panels are clean and quiet, so they can be installed almost anywhere without causing any disturbance. Above all, the experts from Wegner Roofing and Solar make sure the grid is installed properly so that you get most out of it.

They revalue real estate

A solar installation makes the house more attractive to future buyers and therefore increases its market price. Recent studies show that a house with an active photovoltaic installation can be sold up to 20% faster than other houses that do not have it.