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What Are The Different Things That Can Help You Book The Best 1bhk?

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If your home has been vacant for some time, you may need to consider what has to be done to make it habitable once again. Paint it, get it professionally cleaned, and double-check the plumbing and wiring. If you’re offering a completely or partially furnished home, be sure the furniture is in good working order. By using Stanzaliving services, you may improve the state of your home.

In India, renting an apartment might be a nightmare. Dealing with brokers, working through legalese, creating a solid connection with the house owner, and so on are all part of the process of selecting a nice home for the next several years. When it comes to picking a home, tenants sometimes miss certain basic aspects. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for you to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for an apartment to rent.

Make a cost estimate.

When determining the right asking price for your home, consider the following factors: 

  • Size of your home 
  • Age of your home 
  • Condition of the house 
  • Fair market rent in your neighbourhood 
  • Cost of expensive problems that may arise 
  • Check the cost to keep the tenants feeling comfortable in your home.
  • What savings you will need to survive if no rent is coming in

Make a rental agreement.

The rental agreement is a legally enforceable contract that allows the renter to live in your property while also allowing you to collect money. It will also include the other terms of the lease. The following are a few items you should cover in your contract:

  • The renters’ full names 
  • Your rental home’s proper address 
  • The length of the rental term 
  • The tenant’s rent payment amount 
  • The security deposit amount 
  • The late penalty amount and conditions
  • Behavioural guidelines for your house and society

List the property

You may either do it the old-fashioned way, through word of mouth, brokers, or a newspaper ad, or you can do it the smart way, by listing your home on It’s a quick and easy procedure that takes only a few minutes. This listing is completely free, quick, and lets you to choose which tenants contact you. You might also delegate call and visit scheduling to our Relationship Managers, allowing you to focus on other elements of your life while we handle your rental.

Find the right tenant

Interview potential renters to see whether they fit your requirements. Make certain that your tenants are the type of individuals you would like to live with. You should also see if they are willing to accept your rental terms and conditions, as well as whether or not they will be able to pay your rent on time. You’ll have nothing to worry about after you’ve found the ideal renter and signed the leasing agreement.

The need for security is unquestionable

Before renting an apartment, inspect all of the doors and make sure the locks are in good working order. Check to see whether they fit nicely in the frames and aren’t made of fragile material. Get the keys to all of the rooms, as well as the balcony doors and the servant’s entrance.

Finally, the right to approve tenancy rests with the property owner, so make sure your lifestyle choices won’t cause problems later. With these pointers in mind, renting an apartment should be a whole lot easier.

People frequently complain about noisy neighbours, and the most popular response is to build thicker walls. The unfortunate reality is that flats built or purchased just for the purpose of renting are not built with high-quality materials.

Make an apartment inspection during the busiest hours of the day and choose a residence with strong enough walls to keep unwanted noise from escaping or entering. Also, look for cracks. In the kitchen and bathroom, keep a look out for seepage concerns, particularly in the ceiling and under-sink regions. This is a symptom of shoddy construction and flimsy walls.

Areas for storage

Before renting an apartment, be sure it has enough storage. We don’t only mean your closet; we also mean shelves, cabinets, display & TV units, niches, and other such items. An apartment with adequate storage can assist you in keeping your belongings organised so that it seems clean and comfortable.


People nowadays have followed the general trend of relocating to a major metropolis. This is critical since people make their selection based on either their schooling or their employment. In such a case, it’s critical to evaluate how these folks would stay in a new place where they don’t have any relatives or other sources of support. Get in touch with us and we will help you grab your hands on the best 1 bhk flat on rent for a comfortable living.