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What are the best cryptocurrency mobile games right now?

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Getting paid to have fun – is it actually possible? Yes, it is! In fact, you could be getting paid in cryptocurrency to play games on your mobile phone right now.

And I don’t mean any run-of-the-mill crypto, I’m talking about the real-stuff – Bitcoin bank, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so many others.

Am I dreaming? And how is this possible?

Well, you’re not dreaming and all of this is perfectly possible because of crypto faucets.

Simply put, crypto faucets are apps or websites that pay you in cryptocurrency every time you complete a seemingly random set of tasks.

These can range from simply watching a video to completing a survey and yes, playing games.

So, what’s the catch?

The catch dear reader is that you’re basically being paid to perform a kind of service. 

Given how popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become, developers have taken the crypto faucet model and applied it to their games.

By offering cryptocurrency rewards, the developer is able to advertise their game for free while gathering data from play-testers i.e. you.

That sounds amazing, how do I get started?

The above scenario is a win-win for everyone but there are a few things that you should know.

Firstly, crypto faucets can be unreliable, there may be instances when payments are not made, leaving you with nothing.

And let’s not forget that crypto faucets are a favourite of cybercriminals looking to steal confidential information or install malware.

Does this mean that all of this is just a pipe dream?

Not at all.

There are thousands of honest game developers and crypto enthusiasts out there in the market. And this is why we’ve put together a list of the best cryptocurrency mobile games available right now.

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So, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

  1. Alien Run

Join Daniel D’Alien on his adventure as he runs through various obstacle courses and mazes. True to the spirit of classic 2D-platformers, you’ll enjoy fast-paced, white knuckled action with Alien Run.

Every time you successfully complete a level, you’ll be rewarded with Satoshis for your effort.

Alien Run is free-to-play and available for Android and iOS. 

Pros: Fast-paced, exciting gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat

Cons: Levels have a tendency to drag on for too long which can feel a bit unfair at times given that you’re playing to earn Satoshis

  1. Spark Profit

Do you fancy yourself as something of a Wall Street maverick?
Do you enjoy studying market trends and predicting the price movement of assets?

If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you’ll absolutely love Spark Profit. 

Spark Profit is a market trading game that challenges you to correctly predict cryptocurrency price movements. Hence, the more accurate your predictions, the more you stand to earn.

Spark Profit is free-to-play and available for Android and iOS devices.

Pros: Gives you a fun way to learn more about the crypto market

Cons: Possible issues with app stability

  1. CryptoPop

Fans of puzzle games like CandyCrush rejoice. 

Rather than breaking jelly and crushing candies, CryptoPop lets you break apart blocks of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin in this addictive game.

CryptoPop is available for both Android and iOS devices but it should be noted that payouts are made in Ethereum or CryptoPop tokens only.

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Pros: Fun, addictive gameplay makes this one hard to put down

Cons: Payouts limited to Ethereum and CryptoPop’s own tokens

  1. CropBytes

A lot of polish clearly went into making CropBytes. Inspired by farming simulator FarmVille, CropBytes puts players into the overalls of a farmer looking to turn his/her farm into a profitable enterprise.

Buy supplies and equipment as you work to build up your farm and sell the proceeds on the market for actual cryptocurrencies.

Besides playing as a farmer, you can try your hand at being a trader and exchange in-game assets for crypto. 

Pros: Polished farming game with addictive gameplay that lets you actually farm for cryptos.

Cons: In-game purchases required 

All four of these games let you have fun while you earn cryptos of all kinds. But if you are not yet satisfied you can find more games here:

Just remember to pace yourself and take regular breaks.