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What are the Benefits of Wireless Dog Fences

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What you need to allow your dog to roam safely off his leash in your yard any time he wants is a wireless dog fence.

Wireless fences arrived on the scene in the early 1970s. Since then they have become must-have items for a lot of dog lovers

Fence me in

Dogs love an adventure. Running free is in their DNA. When they know that they have a perimeter they somehow get a greater sense of purpose and duty. It makes for happy hounds. To find the best wireless dog fences click here

History of Wireless Dog Fences

The original wireless puppy fence received its patent in the 1970s. Initially marketed as “electric” fences, many dog owners hated the idea of electrified barriers around their homes. They feared their pets would suffer more harm than good.

When the name was changed to wireless dog fences, people recognised that they offered several advantages.

Superficially homes were now showcased, not being hidden behind an electrified fence. Practically, there would now be no traditional fence for the dog to climb over or dig under.

What Makes Up a Wireless Dog Fence

There used to be typically three components to a wireless dog fence:

  •         A transmitter
  •         A wireless dog-fence collar
  •         A ground wire buried in the boundary line.

Newer versions come with no wire to bury and instead use Wi-Fi or radio transmission, as well as motion and heat detection to make sure dogs are kept safe in the yard.   

Modern wireless fences offer a correction mechanism that is all but imperceptible to a dog. It amounts to just a ticklish and not-unpleasant sensation.  There are now several correction settings that can be customized to a dog’s temperament. They also take into account a pet’s size and instinct.

The Benefits

Wireless fences are more effective than traditional, above-ground fences for several reasons.

The main ones are that they make it virtually impossible for a dog to escape. The equipment that goes with them, including the transmitters and collar receivers, are all very durable. The fences are very easy to install. Indeed, many companies offer training of your dog in the early crucial days after the system is set up so your poet can learn where its new boundary begins.

Also, multiple dogs can be accommodated within the system.  Some systems even enable your yard to be linked to a neighbor’s yard. The technology allows for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

As the technology improves and becomes cheaper manufacturers are passing on the savings. Plus, maintaining a wireless fence is so much less costly than keeping up a conventional fence. Even though technology offers many benefits, it’s always good to be covered with proper pet insurance like Bivvy.

There is no need for regular decorating. Indeed, cleaning and repairing fade into insignificance with a wireless dog fence.