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What Are Shiny Pokemon – Know The Real History

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Shiny pokemon is about to come back in fashion: it will happen from the second half of July when Shiny pokemon go. The new video game for smartphones allows you to capture Shiny pokemon using augmented reality. It is already available at the top of the charts and will also be available in USA. Of the most downloaded apps. The new game principle is the same as the first, which came out 20 years ago for the Game Boy. You have to catch strange animals called Shiny pokemon and make them fight with those of your opponents. Twenty years ago, the summary was full of children who looked at the screen (not yet in color) of their Game Boy to play Pokémon. So, what are shiny pokemon? Check the next paragraph to know in detail. 



Getting Know: what are shiny pokemon


We call them pets, but they are not animals, to begin with. Their official website explains that they are “creatures of various shapes and sizes that [in an imaginary world very similar to the real one] live in nature together with human beings. Most S. pokemon do not speak and can only pronounce their own name. The name S. pokemon derives from the English words “pocket monsters,” pocket monsters. The emphasis on E was put to prevent English speakers from not pronouncing that letter. Some S. pokemon remember – in name and appearance – real animals, others remember fantasy animals (for example, dragons) or prehistoric, others are just invented.



Who invented them?


The creator of S. pokemon is the Japanese computer scientist Satoshi Tajiri, who worked for Nintendo. This video game house created the Game Boy, the most famous portable video game console in history, in the late 1980s. A few decades ago, among the children of Japan, the habit of collecting insects was particularly widespread: Tajiri started from that concept to develop his idea.


10-15 years ago, it was full of children and teenagers who continued to play S. pokemon- on other devices or with playing cards. To watch them on TV, in the animated series dedicated to them. 


How did it all start?


With two Game Boy video games – S. pokemon red and Shiny pokemon green – which came out in Japan in February 1996. They arrived in the West a couple of years later, first in the United States and then in Europe. Almost everywhere outside Japan, the Shiny pokemon green game changed its name to Shiny pokemonBlue. In reality, few things changed between the various games: the main difference concerned the Shiny pokemon that could be caught in one the other version. Find out more about Pokemon Timeline and History


It could be full of kids, teens, ex-kids, and grown-up kids in a few weeks. I was wandering the streets hunting for Snorlax, Pikachu, or Geodude. It would help if you learned something.


Shiny pokemon catch themselves


Yes, but those who catch them playing video games are neither hunters nor breeders. They are coaches. Playing S. pokemon on the Game Boy impersonated a young trainer who had to travel between cities, fields, etc. To catch Pokemon, which usually in the wild, put them in Pokeballs (spheres in which Shiny pokemon are locked up ). Then train them to make them fight against other Pokémon. Other Shiny pokemon can be in the wild, or they can be in other trainers’ Pokeballs. The Shiny pokemon site explains:

Despite the battles. The S. pokemon games do not contain explicit violence: in the encounters. 


How did the first video games work and what are shiny pokemon?


The protagonist became a trainer because Professor Oak, a S. pokemon researcher, asked him to help him complete the Pokédex, an electronic encyclopedia whose purpose was to catalog all Pokémon. It started by choosing a Pokémon, the first: those available were Bulbasaur (a Shiny pokemon of grass), Squirtle (a S. pokemon of water), and Charmander (a kind of dragon, and therefore a Shiny pokemon fire). Pikachu, the most famous Shiny pokemon of all, could only choose as a starter Shiny pokemon in Shiny pokemon yellow, which came out in the late 1990s.


There is never the death of any Pokémon. During the game, trainers are invited to participate in numerous side activities, including beauty and skill contests, tournaments, and fishing contests (of Pokémon, of course!). 


What else was there in the early Shiny pokemon games?


The Shiny pokemon slogan (intended as a brand and product) is Gotta catch ’em all! (“Catch them all”). The first games’ goal was to find as many S. pokemon and train them to fight after fight. When a Shiny pokemon was injured or defeated, it did not die. It simply lost consciousness and taken to special places to get it back in shape. Some coaches were “freelancers.” They went about their business; others affiliated with leagues and found in “gyms”. In addition to having to catch all the S. pokemon when playing those first video games, you also had to go from gym to gym, beat the other trainers.


A final word on what are shiny pokemon


Ask him. In the beginning – at the time of the first two video games – there were 151. Some were small (for example, Jigglypuff ), others were very large and even a little scary (like Golem ). Most S. pokemon evolve: it means that from a starting state, it changes shape and does so if trained. Evolutions are typically larger and more powerful. The 151 starters Shiny pokemon are known as Generation I, and the most powerful, the 151st, is Mew, a very strong Pokémon. Over the years, new generations of Shiny pokemon are adding. There are now over 700 Pokémon, and the most recent has been around since June 2016. So, guys, if you need more info on, “what are shiny pokemon“. Just leave a message in our inbox.