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What are good alternatives to raiding in WoW Dragonflight?

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World of Warcraft has become popular among hardcore players due to its raiding. Back in the day when WoW had just released not many players thought that it was challenging enough. However the raids that were introduced shortly after the release changed the public perception of the game. Time passed and raids that used to be a pinnacle of difficulty and coolness have become more and more accessible and now, in Dragonflight, anyone can raid. There are easier and harder modes for raiding and you can have as much challenge as you please. But the concept remains the same: 10+ people gather to fight bosses. This hasn’t changed much although the number of people required for a raiding has fluctuated too. Luckily, the game’s high-end content is not limited to raid. However exciting raiding is, it’s just normal that among millions of players playing WoW there are some people who don’t enjoy it for whatever reason. What if you are one of them? What other high-end activities does the game have that you could try? And is there really any other activity except raiding that is that well developed and exciting? Of course there is. There are, rather, since there are several of them. In this article we’ll tell you about the 2 most prominent of them – dungeons and arena.


What other game modes are popular?

The 2 most popular WoW game modes, excluding raids, are:

  • Mythic plus dungeons
  • Arena

The former is a PvE game mode which involves fighting monsters while the latter is a PvP one which is about fighting other players. Raids are PvE, so naturally, dungeons are closer to them in terms of gameplay. Let’s go into more detail with either of these game modes.

What are Mythic Plus dungeons?

Since recently Mythic Plus dungeons have overtaken raids as the most popular game mode in WoW overall although they have been a part of the game for much less than them. The concept is like this: a team of 5 players fights monsters and 4 bosses. The sooner you finish a dungeon the better your rewards are going to be. And if you complete a dungeon within a certain short time limit, you will get a “level up” which will let you play a harder version of this dungeon and receive even better rewards. The level of a dungeon is known as a key level because you need keys to access them. Each such key has a level and that level equals the maximum difficulty of the dungeon that you can activate. The most popular key levels are:

  • Mythic+ 10
  • Mythic+ 15
  • Mythic+ 20

In general, dungeons are fun and take much less time than a raid to complete as well as fewer people to participate. And since the game mode is so popular, it’s quite easy to find teammates for it even without being a part of a good guild.

What is PvP Arena in WoW?

Arena is the most popular PvP game mode in World of Warcraft right now. The idea is simple: a team of 2 or 3 players fights another team of the same size. The winner gets rewards and arena points which raises your standings in the rating of your region. One of the classiest achievements in this game mode (and in the game overall) is the gladiator title which you get for finishing a season at the top of the rating. You are not supposed to be the first there but you gotta be somewhere near that – it’s hardly more than several dozen players usually. Lately a new way to play the arena appeared which is called solo shuffle. The idea is that you don’t need a premade team – you get random teammates and play against other teams composed in a similar manner. So you don’t even have to look for players to team up with! It takes less time than raids and it’s also very enjoyable. However, it takes a bit more skill than PvE game modes to succeed. But it’s not so hard to learn to play arena well – you only need some diligence for that.

So all in all there are 3 submodes for the arena:

  • 2v2 Arena
  • 3v3 Arena
  • Solo shuffle

How can you improve your experience with dungeons and arena?

Starting out with both those modes is quite easy as they are pretty accessible. However, progressing and excelling there is a whole different story. So it’s not surprising that at some point most players need some aid. And professional players are ready to help you indeed! The process of such helping is known as boosting and it has been popular in WoW since the very first days of it. ArmadaBoost is one of the most renowned boosting stores and you can find lots of services related to both Mythic Plus and the Arena in their catalog. WoW Arena carries are all gathered in one section which is convenient – you can see lots of various ways of improving your arena progress at once, including rating boos, gladiator, wins, and so on.


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