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How international web shows have caught people’s fancy

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The web shows have caught on the fantasy of many viewers of the world. It’s like a great novel that you wouldn’t want to put down. The viewer can now catch up on all seasons and binge watch as they please on the apps they choose to subscribe to and watch on any device. The web shows have sustained narratives that keep the audiences hooked. Some of the stories stretch over seasons, but each episode is finite without any commercial breaks. It helps people to watch an episode and move onto the other quickly.

More consumption of web entertainment

The entertainment is digestible because you can pick the genre you want to see right from thriller, comedy, drama to fiction, it is all there to take in and savor every scene. You could pause any time and catch back something that you would want to watch again. The web show makers know the attention span of today’s viewers, and they have stuck to the frenetic pace at which lives revolve. As the mind’s focus is limited, the theme should be catchy enough to get through the entire episode. Switching channels had been the norm, but now the web shows have themes that are captivating the imaginations with stories and genres that have never been touched before.

A considerable number of viewers are now satiated with shows that are put up on such platforms. There is an audience for varied storytelling and have found interest in subjects that wouldn’t perhaps find viewers earlier. Now there are established internet filmmakers who have made name and fame by directing shows which a surfer can enjoy without having it to be a community watching experience. 

We can say that this is a golden age of television where there is an audience for every kind of content that is put out. There are web-native series or the western shows that you can catch up on or even shows from any part of the world which are either dubbed or with subtitles, now all this is possible.

Making your picks

All-time favorites are still consumed by people such as

  • Stranger things
  • Game of thrones
  • The crown

Web show #1 Witcher 

And many others, the top ones that have caught everyone’s attention is The Witcher, which was released last year based on the famous book series written by a Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski. It stars Henry Cavill in the main lead. The story has completed the first season, and the next one will be released in 2021.

Web show #2 The Stranger Things

The Stranger Things is a science fiction horror series, and it has gone on to complete three seasons and the fourth one receiving the same love from the audience. It has quite a big cast and focusses on the story of a world that has a different dimension altogether. It has to uncover mysteries that make up for the storyline.

Web show #3 The marvelous Mrs.Maisel

The marvelous Mrs.Maisel is something that is revolving around a female protagonist and an interesting take on how a housewife realizes her comic talent after she has gone through a divorce. The series has gone for the fourth season. The popularity can be gauged by the way each episode is lapped by the viewers.


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Web show #4 You

You are another psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of the seat. The story is developed by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti. It deals with the obsession of the protagonist for a girl, and he would go to any length to get to her even by going on a killing spree. The show has run for a couple of seasons and achieved commercial success.

Stay tuned and enjoy online content

You may have your picks and favourites, and it may change over time. The audience for individual shows in specific regions vary, and demography which chooses to see particular shows also alter; hence everyone’s trending chart may not match. There is something for everybody; this kind of platter is only available on web shows. You can find something goofy or melodramatic or increasingly suspenseful you can turn on to something that has twists and turns each time you check onto an episode.

The trends will, however, may give birth to a newer fantasied version of watching entertainment. We may shift to 3D viewing in the web show world in the years to come.


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