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WB Montreal Confirmed To Be Working On A DC Comics Game

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It is one of the most constant rumors of recent times. What exactly WB Montreal are working on? For a long time, the studio seems to be developing a Batman game, and although they have distributed photos, and played with some phrases, they have not announced anything. The latest rumors date from December of last year, and with the E3 and some important fairs or appointments already past, no announcement has been made about it. Now, after some time of silence, WB Montreal confirms that they are, indeed, working on a DC comics game. But with what?

On this occasion, the information does not come from a leak or a data leak from an online store. It has been a response to a fan by Osama Dorias, developer in the studio, who has confirmed that he and his teammates are involved in the creation of a video game based on a major DC license. Throughout these recent times, it has been rumored with games starring Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and even the Suicide Squad title. While it is unknown what kind of game are kept up its sleeve, the last big leak pointed directly to Batman, with a new video game framed within the Arkham saga.

Warner Bros. Montreal, which has not released anything since the Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight also in 2015, would have taken over from Rocksteady and could be making a video game that would feature Tim Drake as Robin and a secondary character in the adventure, that would be starring Batman again. Our mission would be to patrol the city of Gotham that is about twice as big as the view in the last game of the saga, and that would be plagued with crimes and random events to ensure the life of the game. In fact, it is rumored that it would be very similar to those seen in Spider-Man, but more varied, and that would make the Bat-patrols more entertaining.

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At playable level there would be no excessively remarkable news, although the new cooperative mode would create new combinations in the blows and attacks, as well as observe a more fluid and fast combat style, reflecting the different ages of Batman and Robin. Once again, both the action and stealth would be very present, offering us the possibility to use gadgets from other games plus some completely new ones.

Apparently, the video game’s argument would be inspired by the saga of The Court of Owls, a secret and criminal organization that lives in Gotham since the very foundation of the city, and has been responsible for directing the most dangerous unions in the shade of villains, infiltrating the upper echelons of society. Old acquaintances would return, and like in the previous sequel, Batman would have a redesigned Batmobile, as well as Robin, a vehicle of his own, no more details are known. Our base of operations would be Batcave, a whole museum alive in the game, which would help us choose missions, improve our character, access game modes such as multiplayer or cooperative.