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WB Games Confirmed To Be Working on A New DC game


After the conclusion of the Batman: Arkham series in 2015 many fans have wondered what is the next step that Warner Bros. will take with the heroes of DC. Now, after speculation and rumors, we finally have the first clues from WB Games.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the studio that handled the spin-off Batman: Arkham Origins, posted on Facebook that it is looking for a technical director to lead a team of programmers who will work on “expanding the DC universe in the interactive space”

In short, WB Games is working on a new DC game. For now, there are no precise details about this project, but it is certainly the confirmation that many were waiting for.

From what we can see in the publication, the project is in its first steps. A technical development manager is responsible for supervising several small teams who will work on different aspects of the game. The absence of this role in the Warner Bros. Montreal project could mean that the studio is just taking its first steps.

However, there are still questions to be resolved. While this new project belongs to Warner Bros. Montreal, Rocksteady is also working on a new game that “will blow your mind”. And if that was not enough, a rumor suggests that this game will be based on Superman, although there is no precise data.

So, we’ll have to keep waiting to know the future of this universe in video games, but fans should be calm with the confirmation of Warner Bros. Montreal and previous statements by Rocksteady. At best, we will see 2 DC titles in the near future.

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