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WB Games Montreal Could Be Working on 2 DC Comics Games

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For a long time, fans of DC Comics games are waiting for any announcement related to a future video game under the mantle of Warner Bros. For years it has been confirmed that WB Games Montreal, responsible studio of Batman: Arkham Origins, is working on something but we do not really know what it is about. Recently, interesting information has been leaked and, apparently, the project would involve 2 titles based on the DC universe.

According to a report, Osama Dorias, a game designer at WB Games Montreal, revealed on the Humans of Gaming podcast some details about the title (s) the studio is working on. The plural was included because during the interview the creative hinted that there would be 2 games that would be in development and not 1 as indicated by the rumors and information confirmed so far.

In that sense, Dorias declared: “The project I just recently left, because there are a couple projects at [WB Games Montreal], the only thing I can say about is it’s a major console game, open world, DC Universe — so that’s really awesome. But I can’t really say anything else. It’s too early, it’s not announced yet. But it’s really kicka*s.”

Subsequently, the creator of Warner Bros. Games Montreal revealed that one of those games has to do with one of the DC Comics franchises that he likes the most: “I have to confess, I’m mostly a Marvel fan, but there are a few franchises from DC that have been exceptions. […] The franchise that I was working on, is definitely one of those DC franchises that I loved. It was actually one of my reasons for joining Warner Bros.”

The report of the site is complemented with information in which the research carried out by the fans in the profiles of Osama Dorias on social networks and they found that the creative has a predilection for everything that has to do with Batman and Superman.

So, the hype for the upcoming titles inspired by the DC Comics franchises begins to rise and the recent statements of Dorias must be added for the expectation that has been generated around Rocksteady, that also confirmed that they are already working on something new from the Warner Bros. hand.

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