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Ways to Speed up Internet

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Unless you have 200 Mbps internet speed, it is inevitable for your internet to slow down every now and then. If you can’t connect to your ISP immediately, there are some solutions you can do on your own. I’ve written this mini guide to solve your slow connection and get back to your online activities. 


Temporary Internet Issues

Have you always had a good internet connection, but it has suddenly gotten slow? If so, these solutions could help speed up your internet:

  • Too many programs in use: Don’t just assume that your ISP is the culprit of your slow connection. Sometimes, you have too many apps or programs in use that your internet cannot accommodate all of them. 
  • Fix loose cables: The cables of your router or modem may sometimes go loose on their own. The fix is simple – you just have to tighten the cables and try to connect again.
  • Invest in new cables: In other cases, the reason why cables are loose is that they’ve reached the end of time lifespan, so threads are now loose. You’ll need to purchase new LAN or ethernet cables to improve your connection.  
  • Move the modem: If you bought a new cabinet, TV, or other bulky furniture or home appliance, or had new cabinets or shelves installed that may be disrupting how signals are used to move around your house, then try to find a new place for your modem. If you’re working from home, move it near your computer or office space. 
  • Buy a wifi extender: Sometimes, you had no idea that areas in your home had dead zones (spots where wi-fi signals cannot reach). Maybe you had to turn an unused room into your home office, then discovered connection from this spot is SUPER slow. If moving the router or modem isn’t possible, your next option is to buy a wifi extender. This device, which is also called a wi-fi booster or wi-fi enhancer, can extend signals to your attic, garage, backyard, and other dead zones you’ve just discovered. 

Long-term Internet Issues

If you’ve been having slow internet connections for several days, weeks, or months, then your issues are more serious. However, before doing something drastic like upgrading your internet plan or switching providers, try the following solutions: 

  • Schedule online time if you have too many people connected in your household. Sometimes, the people connected to your internet are just too much for your current internet plan. If this is the case, no matter what adjustment you do with your cables or wi-fi boosters, your connection would remain slow as long as the number of people does not decrease. 
  • Find a way to minimize unnecessary online activities within an office. If your slow internet connection happens in your small business or office, you can add certain restrictions on company computers; only the job-related sites and programs can be opened. This also reduces distractions at work, so win-win! 
  • Disconnect connected devices: If there are too many devices connected simultaneously, the internet will be spread too thin and you’ll suffer from slow connections. Check your office and household for sneaky devices such as game consoles, smart kitchen tools, TV box, and even unused gadgets – all of these could add up quickly. 
  • Change your password: If you discovered devices that are connected to your internet without your permission, it’s time to change your wi-fi password and boot these devices off your connection. Make this a habit and change passwords regularly. 
  • Invest in a new modem or router to replace your outdated hardware: If you’re using old hardware, this can cause slow internet over time. Save up and buy a branded router or modem – it’s going to be a worthy investment. 

For Drastic Measures…

If none of the solutions above helped with your slow internet, it’s time to take drastic measures and upgrade to a new plan, change the type of internet, or transfer to another ISP company. 

  • Upgrade: Maybe your ISP or internet type is not the issue. Maybe your current plan simply isn’t enough to accommodate your internet needs. If this is the case, upgrade your plan to a higher internet speed. 
  • Change internet type: For those who are still using DSL internet and have recently found out that fiber optic or cable internet has better plans available in your area, then this move to another type of internet could help speed up your connection. 
  • Switch providers: Sometimes, you’re just unlucky to have a bad internet provider. For most people, especially those living in cities, it is easier to jump ship and try different providers. If you have this option, then take your chance and switch providers. 

These last three solutions would cost you money, but there’s a bigger chance they’ll be able to solve your issues for good.