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Watch Nine Minutes of Unravel Gameplay Video

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Scheduled for release next year on PC and gaming consoles, Unravel is a little game with very catchy concept signed by Coldwood Interactive, and a new gameplay video of almost ten minutes was published recently to learn more about this game.

Announced for the first time as part of E3 2015 by Electronic Arts, Unravel is a new license designed by the studio Coldwood Interactive. Ensuring a certain freshness in the next catalog of games for EA, this small game mixing the platforms and puzzles marked the minds of many players.

Unravel Game Screenshot
Unravel Game Screenshot

The IGN website invites us to watch a gameplay video of about 9 minutes, to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the game, displaying a superb art direction and very soothing music.

At the gameplay level, the title seems rather clever due to mechanical based wool yarn to be used on the sets to unlock the mechanisms and continue the progress. Embodying Yarny, a nice ball of wool to false air of Pikmin, it will use a wire from his body to cross and decorate. Multiple options are then offered: hold onto an obstacle then to climb, swing between two places, create a passageway holding a piece of wire, but beware, Yarny would not be able to “undress” indefinitely since once exposed, any progress will be impossible without having the wool recovered prior to replenish.

Unravel is due for release on February 3, 2016 in Europe on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and only in dematerialized format.