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Watch Final Fantasy XV’s first 40 minutes on Xbox One

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This week, Square Enix had a stream in London where it showed 40 minutes from Final Fantasy XV running on Xbox One.


When EGX was taking place this weekend in the UK, Square Enix took the opportunity to show us the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV through two videos for the Xbox One.

Fortunately, DualShockers managed to capture this stream, so we can immediately see 2 videos of gameplay of Final Fantasy XV. However, if you want to keep yourself some surprises, we recommend you not to watch the videos. As always, it’s your decision.

The videos show the combat system, the journey through the game scenario, creating camps and more.

Final Fantasy XV was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII at E3 2006 exclusively for PlayStation 3. In 2013, the game received a new title and has been announced for the new generation of consoles, after the rumors spread in 2012 claiming that the game had been canceled. After a recent ruling, Final Fantasy XV, originally scheduled for September 30, will be released on November 29 in order to avoid a day one patch that would be too dense.

The Square Enix role-playing game will support the more computing power provided by PS4 Pro since day one, due out November 10 at a price of $399.

Check out the video below.

Also, in the latest issue of Jump magazine Square Enix released new information about Final Fantasy XV, being more specific on Shiva, one of the most famous invocations of the franchise.

According to the publication, Shiva will continue with her traditional “Diamond Dust” ability. Also, when invoked, the area will be automatically covered by ice and will create various illusions of herself on the ground.