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E3 2019: Watch Dogs Legion Release Date & Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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During the E3 2019 conference that is taking place while we are writing to you, the French company officially presented Watch Dogs Legion, the third chapter dedicated to the DedSec hackers.

The video confirms many of the rumors circulating on the net in recent days. Watch Dogs Legion will be set in a post-Brexit London on the verge of collapse. In the world imagined by the Ubisoft developers, technological advancement has enabled the development of extremely evolved artificial intelligence. Robots have gradually replaced humans in daily tasks, unemployment has skyrocketed and now the people are ready to rise. DedSex hackers are willing to unleash a revolt involving all the inhabitants, creating a real legion.

At this point, another of the already known features comes into play thanks to the leaks: players will be able to control all the citizens of London! The mechanics of permadeath will even be included. The characters who meet death, inevitably, can no longer be used. Players will also be able to control various kinds of devices, such as small robots able to infiltrate the tunnels and large flying drones to be used to move more quickly.

Watch Dogs Legion is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, and will be released on 6 March 2020. Below, you can see the trailer shared for the occasion by the French company.