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Watch Dogs Legion: Post-Brexit Dystopian London Setting, Integrated ctOS System, Play As Any Character & More

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Ubisoft finally released the gameplay and more details of Watch Dogs Legion at E3 2019; check out all the information on the game in this article.

Ubisoft made the announcement last Monday (10) of one of its greatest promises for the year 2020, the game Watch Dogs Legion. After being leaked ahead of time, the game was officially presented, being the first title announced at the company conference at E3 2019.

And as the rumors pointed out, any NPC in the game can be turned into a playable character, this includes punks, rebels and even Parkouring Grandmas who have tremendous courage!

Watch Dogs Legion Setting:

Watch Dogs Legion, the third game of the hacking franchise in connected cities, made its main appearance and won the company’s event. Moving on to London, its basic premise was that any NPC could be playable, which caused an immense doubt of what that would mean. But Ubisoft just demonstrated that in its first gameplay trailer. It will be possible to control even one old lady, a former assassin in disguise, as well as several members of the hacking group called DedSec with different personalities and abilities.

Watch Dogs Legion Logo

Each time the player is eliminated, you must choose another character to continue. All this is possible through an entity called Bagley, who communicates with all the characters via the smartphone.

The Integrated ctOS System:


Throughout the franchise, ctOS have already been present in cities that have passed the predecessor games, such as Chicago and San Francisco. The system is known to maintain a database with valuable information about all its users. The same continues in Legion, keeping the same way of showing the data of the people who are in the street.

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The system has been enhanced to use other technologies such as drones, to contain crowds. To show this function, the gameplay focuses on demonstrating another usability of the game. If a character is killed, he may choose to give up or resist. When he resists, he gains a life boost with invisibility, but if he gives up, another character may be chosen.

Play as any NPC in the Game:

However, what won the audience was a retired agent named Helen. Although the video revealed several characters like Jimmy, a drone hacker, Naomi, an agent of the resistance, but no character could be compared to Helen.


Helen is an old lady who complains about not being able to feed the ducks anymore, and still has time to fight the guards with spider robot and various gadgets. Ubisoft actually managed to move much of the gamers, beyond the audience at the event, with the character and abilities.

Exploring Scenarios:

With the possibility of exploring scenarios, the game will surely value those players who like to take a look before. In the trailer, it was possible to see that when hacking a drone, it is possible that it gives access to new areas of the mission that needs to be explored on foot. The game has been valuing enough players with exploration personality.

Watch Dogs Legion - Exploration

The idea of ​​the game is to form several groups with different abilities, but above all, to keep connected. Check out the entire trailer of the game below:

Ubisoft also fulfilled the promise to talk about the next game in the series called Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which will be also available on Google Stadia. But the biggest highlight of the French company was the recently announced Watch Dogs Legion.

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