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Watch Dogs Legion Will Offer 9 Million NPCs/Different Characters or More

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Watch Dogs Legion was a pleasant surprise of the E3 2019. Presented at the Ubisoft conference, the new title of the Watch Dogs franchise has nevertheless been approached during a private gaming session.

One of the big news of this episode resides, as you know, in being able to recruit NPCs. In doing so, we will have access to their story, their motivation, but most importantly, we will be able to take control of it. Ubisoft had rather well presented the thing by insisting that we could create the group we wanted.

Nevertheless, one question remained: could we really recruit all NPCs? Could every character crossing the streets of the British capital join our ranks to defeat the fascist government in place? According to Shelley Johnson, yes! The Associate Producer of the title has indeed responded to Gamecrate and the point is very clear.

In that sense, Shelly Johnson says that for NPC’s “There isn’t a limit. It can be anywhere between thousands to millions.

One of the numbers that was floating around at one point was 9 million. They’re procedurally generated characters. So we’ve spent four years building the technology to be able to deliver on this promise and that includes the ability to piece together this huge city of characters as far as animation, dialogue, census data, like all those bio pieces that you see when you profile somebody, faces, character kids, all of this comes together to produce a unique character every time,” she further added.

Thus, the promise seems to be strong: to be able to embody up to 9 million characters. Obviously, no one will embody all of these NPCs especially as the story will be limited to twenty different branches. But all the same, Ubisoft is showing real ambition for this new Watch Dogs and we look forward to seeing if all these promises are kept.

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Watch Dogs Legion will release on March 6, 2020 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.