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Watch Dogs Legion: Here’s How All The Different NPCs Can Be Played

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One of the most prominent titles revealed at the last Los Angeles fair was without a doubt the title called Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment of Ubisoft’s famous free-roaming saga. A particularly convincing game mechanic in the title was Watch Dogs Legion will offer more than 9 million playable NPCs. Today, we have got some information on how all these NPCs can be played.

In Watch Dogs Legion players will, in fact, be able to take on the role of any NPC virtually, recruiting them within the Dedsec and “forcing” them to fight for their own cause. But how did Ubisoft create such a large group of playable characters, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities? To reveal it in an interview, it was directly the creative director of the game.

At the base of all this mechanism, there is a system called Census. As stated by the creative director Clint Hocking, in fact: “The most important thing about census is that it allows us to spawn NPCs in the world just like you do in many other games, but then when you profile those NPCs the relational database is able to fill in the blanks on who they are and sort of generate them in real time and then make them persistent and keep them in the world.”

Everything will then be correlated in a coherent and precise way. Any citizen, for example, once the subject of a scan will take a name suitable for his ethnicity, will have monetary resources based on his occupation and so on.

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What do you think of this news, did you even think of such a possibility open to you? Will you give an opportunity to play this highly anticipated title of Ubisoft or will you wait a few months? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.