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Watch Dogs Legion Confirmed by Ubisoft, Reveal at E3 2019 Promised

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After an important leak made yesterday, the game that was known as Watch Dogs 3 was renamed Watch Dogs Legion. In that leaked information, from the British store Amazon, the new name that took the franchise of Ubisoft was revealed, regardless of the number of the chapter. A leak that covered important information, but not one of the most anticipated issues, its release date. Of course, like all leaked details, it was necessary to confirm it officially. This comes from the hand of Ubisoft, who confirms Watch Dogs Legion as the official name of the next installment of the saga.

Through Twitter, Ubisoft confirms Watch Dogs Legion and shows the logo that identifies the saga in a small video in which we cannot find many more clues. Also, taking advantage of the circumstance to quote the fans to E3 2019, where we will discover Watch Dogs Legion and refer to those NPCs that have become protagonists of the latest leaked information.

Referring to the classic British phrase, Ubisoft proclaims “God save the NPCs”, as a clear allusion to the information that ensured that Watch Dogs Legion could control the NPCs of the game. An option that aims to revolutionize the experience, which until now was limited to electronic devices and that seems to encompass new options.

Until the game is officially presented, we assume that the information regarding its setting will be the one that has been speculating for some time. The game will take place in London, in a dystopian future after the outcome of Brexit. This is where, one of the most watched cities in the world, will be the scene of a new installment of the Ubisoft saga, emigrating from the American continent and settling in the old continent.

We will be attentive to the conference of Ubisoft, this June 10, where the game will be presented in a different style probably.