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Watch Dogs 3 Trademark for PS5 & Next Xbox Hinted

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There have been rumors that Ubisoft is working on a new Watch Dogs 3 game, even though the last spinoff was a little behind the expectations of the publisher.

Now a new trademark entry has surfaced, which is believed to indicate a release of the game on PS5 and Next Xbox. This was already submitted in November 2018, but was only publicly available. The entry is probably a completely new title without a connection to the previous games. In addition, the current status is still ‘Pending’, so not yet complete, which suggests that a timely release is unlikely to be expected.

So based on the information that was obtained by YouTuber SkillziTV, Ubisoft recently showed a new trademark name that they had registered last year. This information can be accessed by the public, and as can be seen in the video below, this trademark is indeed intended specifically for the next Watch Dogs project in the future.

There were hints for the game last year when Ubisoft activated its smart assistant SAM. Asked that if it is Watch Dogs 3, the reply was that the development of the game is still ongoing, but already a solid build would be available. Here one suspected a hidden indication of the development, even if little has moved since then.

If Watch Dogs 3 is actually in the works, a release in this generation seems pretty unlikely, as there may be several other pre-announced games that are already announced, plus all the live Ubisoft games.