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Watch Dogs 2 won’t feature Ubisoft’s Map-Unlocking Towers

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The mechanics of Ubisoft games became classical since the first Assassin’s Creed, with the unlocking of the map which was done through synchronization, after a short climbing sequence. But this feature will be absent from Watch Dogs 2. A good news, since the formula was beginning to look outdated.

Watch Dogs 2

We all have already done this: climb to the top of a high tower, enjoy the view, caress an eagle … and press Y or Triangle button, before jumping into the void. The maps then appear many primary or secondary targets. A mechanism that made sense in Assassin’s Creed and had offered some iconic positions of serial murderers. Ubisoft has reused this feature in various forms in most of its AAA productions that followed, like Far Cry or even The Crew. In 2014, Watch Dogs was no exception. But things will change with Watch Dogs 2, which will innovate in a more interesting direction.

Some of the guys from Eurogamer argued about this feature with Jonathan Morin, creative director of the title. It was explained that Watch Dogs 2 would not use this mechanism, for good reason:

“It’s not a game where you open your map and everything’s there. There are no towers. You just explore the world.”

To believe IGN, the player can unlock new missions and new goals by gaining followers on behalf of DeadSec, the hacker activist group at the center of the plot. For this, you will have to complete the missions but also make discoveries in the open world title within yourself. The question is how much of the map will be available at the beginning of Watch Dogs 2.

Remember that Watch Dogs 2 will be released on November 15 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.